Drop Shipping and Wholesale Sources for eBay Or Online Stores

Drop Shipping and Wholesale Sources for eBay Or Online Stores

Drop shipping is a great way to make money if you have a good source. With a good drop shipping source you can have access to most items and reasonable costs in some cases at or below wholesale costs. Drop shippers will often be transparent that is they will ship the product off their shelf with your label and address. The product is shipped as if it was shipped from your own company. With people making money online you can get in on having your own online business or retail store and by using a drop shipping service make it look like you have a warehouse stocked full of wholesale products.

Wholesale sources are also another great way but usually offer less products or if you’re dealing with a company directly may be a little harder to set up an account. You will also need a tax id in most cases to set up such an account. Just be careful when looking online for wholesale sources. There are a ton of wholesale lists circulating on the internet and some do not come cheap. Many of those lists are outdated and there is nothing worse than wasting your time after buying a wholesale list and finding that most of the contact numbers have been disconnected. So if you feel you want to deal directly with a wholesale source be careful on where you get your information. It may be best going down to your local library and trying to research the company and get the phone number of an account representative.

Drop shipping is becoming more popular because there are people making money online. People have asked can I make money on eBay drop shipping. Well it is possible and with the right products and sources and a little research you can make a profit on anything. You just have to have a product that is in demand but has relatively few sources available. If you look at an auction site and completed auctions and most auctions are ending with sold items then you have found a product that is worth further research and you may want to see if you can find a drop shipping supplier or source. You may have even discovered a niche and that being the case can usually be a lucrative product to sell online.

When looking for a drop shipping source you are not only looking for a service but a source that may be comparable in price to a wholesale source. There are some drop shipping companies that have their prices near or even above retail or prices you can find online. This is not good because most people who buy online are usually price shopping or researching a product. I have found that in most cases price is a main determining factor online for making a sale and branding is not far behind.

So finding a reliable drop shipping source that has near wholesale prices should be your number one goal when looking for a drop shipper. The ideal solution is to find a drop shipping directory or wholesaler’s directory.

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