Give Your Dreams A Chance – Work Hard To Avoid Boredom!

When you're working hard to fulfill a dream, keep a New Year resolution, or achieve a goal it's so easy to grow bored and weary. On January 1 folks draft a list of resolutions that they believe they should keep – new things they want to learn, bad habits they want to un-learn, things they want to create or build. The list is as unique as the individual. One of the most common resolutions is to 'get in shape' – Daily Exercise! The gyms fill for a few weeks in January, then they empty just as quickly in February as folks lose their steam. They grow bored, weary, or figure out they just were not that 'committed' to making the time, working hard, and following through with a plan to make their resolution a reality.

It does not have to end like that . You do not have to 'give up ' before you even begin! When you start with a dream for which you have great interest and passion, it's easy to stay energetic and enthusiastic, particularly in the beginning. The difficulties often begin when you try to keep the momentum going and stay motivated for the long haul.

Exercise is one of my Lifetime Resolutions. I long ago made it a priority and I try to work out every day. In a perfect world I would work out every day for 30-to-90-minutes. The last few years I've had a stellar record. I'm proud of that record and it keeps me going. This year has been extremely busy (work, personal life and my resolution project), so I've been working out three-to-five-days each week for 20-to-30-minutes. My problem is not boredom, it's sheer lack of time. But what if you want to exercise and stick with it, but grow bored very quickly? Let me share a few simple, common sense tips that apply to exercise and a variety of other dreams, resolutions and goals:

  1. Build a plan that includes variety! Variety is the 'spice of life' and it can lend 'flavor' to your dreams, resolutions and goals! Make sure to do your homework first – learn all you can about what you want to achieve, and how you're going to achieve it. Then build and schedule weekly and monthly ' To Do's' that will keep you engaged and interested. For instance, If you want to exercise daily, vary your work outs by season: Indoor exercise during the winter (gym, bike, volleyball, basketball, jogging, stretching, Yoga, etc.); Outdoor exercise during the warmer months (gardening, swimming, tennis, golf, long walks, softball, home projects, etc.). If you work hard to vary your routine , doing a variety of different forms of exercise throughout the year, you're more likely to avoid boredom and burn out.
  2. Pursue your activities with buddies who share your passion – do not 'go it alone'! It's always more fun to share your dreams with kindred spirits. When you're working with others on a project, you'll enjoy the infusion of fresh ideas and perspectives. Their enthusiasm can be infectious on those days when you're feeling bored or weary, and your enthusiasm and great ideas can help your buddies on a day they're struggling to stay engaged. It's also a lot more fun to share good times working toward a dream with friends, classmates, club members, or family members, rather than going it alone.
  3. Take a class! Continually learning new things will keep you inspired. It's harder to get in a ' rut' when you're moving steadily forward with your 'To Do's', and a class can help to keep you focused and interested in your dream.
  4. Take breaks! If you feel like you're getting burned out, growing weary, or succumbing to numbing boredom, set your dream aside for a few days, or a few weeks. Rest, relax, rejuvenate, then begin again! That said, when you take breaks you need to set a firm date to 're-start', and have firm goals to pursue when you hit the ground running again. It takes discipline and commitment to faithfully return to a dream after a break. Schedule a firm set of 're- start' goals before you take your break – classes or activities with a buddy, for instance – to make sure you do not become a New Year Resolution 'statistic'.

Remember: I Resolve To Achieve My New Year Resolutions, One Resolution, One Day At A Time For One Year. It's your choice. Do it today. Turn your resolution into reality. Make your resolution a permanent Lifetime Resolution, something that's with you for good! Above all, Be A Resolutionista, someone who keeps resolutions and enjoys the journey! Let's Go For It!

Source by Kim Simpson

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