Six Tips Make More Profits on Dropshipping Business

Six Tips Make More Profits on Dropshipping Business

According to an online survey, in the e-commerce field, more and more dealers are appealed by dropshipping business that is a new marketing mode which is different from the traditional affiliate marketing.

As a new mode, of course, dropshipping has lots of advantages which can provide some profits to both retailers and consumers. However, it is also a double-edged sword. It comes with many disadvantages.

As a dropshipper, to master the disadvantages of dropshipping is more important than advantages. Mastering and Processing disadvantages well will help dropshippers make more profits. Six tips discussed below may help you a lot.

1. Price defect

Generally speaking, it is hard for a dropshipper to get a good price while cooperating with suppliers for the first time. A compatible price is built on a good communication and long-term partnership.

Obviously, suppliers are willing to provide a better price for a customer whose orders are more than 100 units, although all the prices are wholesale. So, it is very necessary and important for dropshippers to find a perfect price.

2.  The procedure fee

A dropshipper must calculate minimum profits including all the overhead of dropshipping marketing. It is very important. In addition, dropshippers should try to avoid join those suppliers who want to impose “initial fee”. The only fee a dropper should pay is after sending the orders and the products shipped out by suppliers.

However, it is not all the suppliers willing to accept this new mode, because, usually, most orders are small of the mode. The suppliers tend to process large orders. If implement, suppliers need to have a dedicated department take charge of this business. As a result, suppliers may charge some procedure fees which can also cause increasing the price of products.

3.  Shipping ways

In order to be a winner of e-commerce, service is a very important aspect. About 50 percent of the complaints are related to the product posting, so droppers need to consider delivery cycle, adopted courier companies and services, even need to consider whether they would mail products to customers!!!

4. Payment ways

A dropshipper also needs to consider by which means suppliers can receive payment. Is it automatically charged from credit card or a monthly payment? Monthly payments will be the preferred choice. Because a month time is long enough to get feedback information from the clients, such as the receipt, post cycle, wrong version or other important information. It seems very difficult but it is important to convince a provider to accept monthly payment means.

5. Customer support, returns and refunds

This is not only the most important but also most difficult to handle! If the returns and refunds issues can’t be dealt with properly, dropshippers will come into an embarrassing position to face customers and suppliers.

So, a dropshipper should consult return terms as well as supporting services and joint warranty services before participating with provider. Try to play as a consumer, write down some services a real consumer will be interested in and then consult supplier.

6. Credibility of supplier

At last, dropshioppers need to collect information of suppliers to know what time they build on and how about its online reputation? Whether they are fast and professional enough to response for request and processing the orders? Did they really ship products to customers?

At the beginning of selection suppliers, all these factors should be taken into consideration. Except for reputation, in most cases, it is a good to have a personal experience as a consumer from the suppliers.

If a dropshipper can master and process all the defect factors, it is easy to win the dropshipping marketing and earn more profits.

As a China top 50 dropshipper, ( processes the disadvantages discussed above perfectly. It is the reason that gets this reputation. Abiding by the principle of “Super Quality, Satisfactory Services”, always provides a first-class sale and after-sale dropshipping services to customer. will be a excellent partner for the customers.

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