Auctions For Income Review – Is Auctions For Income by Dave Espino a Scam?

This package deal is yet another plan available to make money on eBay as a beginner. It’s offered for sale on TV infomercials and on the web site “Auctions for Income”. Dave Espino the creator of this step-by-step DVD offers clear and concise directions on how to place items on eBay, what to do to promote consumer interest, how much to list items for and (after you clear out your basement and garage by selling all the things you want to get rid of) what are some products you can sell on eBay on a regular basis.

I ordered online but you can also order on the toll-free number if you prefer. Actually the information on the web site does not give great detail about exactly what will be forthcoming. There is no online download available and shipping cost is additional.

The package deal includes DVD’s with titles of:

Auctions for Income

Trash to Cash

License to Profits

Seize Opportunity

Certificate to Start Up

EBay Listing

The implications are that you will quickly transform your life into that of a near millionaire. For any more specific details you would have to watch the late night infomercial. Your order will include a free bonus worth $200. The bonus is two more DVDs.

I did learn how to list my items on eBay in fairly clear terms. Then when I opened my eBay account I was surprised to find that all the information I had just paid for was right there on eBay. It would have been explained to me step-by-step in simple to follow directions comparable to what Dave taught on the DVDs “Auctions for Income” and “Start Up.” It would have been explained – free.

There was some good advice on selecting what product to sell if I wanted to become a power-seller on eBay. It explained how to sell things that are light in weight and won’t require high shipping cost. There was advice on how to present your product attractively and use a photo in your listing. Again that was available on eBay.

The DVD on free support did give some tips on where to educate myself further if I needed to do so. This package deal may have value to the uninitiated seller. However, I feel I had already learned most of these common-sense suggestions by simply navigating my way through life.

Bottom line, it’s not a scam but be prepared to be called and solicited to buy a bunch of expensive upgrades.

Source by James Kurch

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