Big Commerce Shopping Cart

Big Commerce Shopping Cart

BigCommerce – eCommerce Shopping Carts

Online shopping is now very common. Because of the increasing number of online stores on the web today, shopping carts are also gaining much popularity. Conventional businesses are too costly and so many businesspersons are now putting their investments in online stores. The risks involved are also minimal and as long as there is an internet connection, people can now shop conveniently. The shopping cart by BigCommerce is now recognized as one of the easiest eCommerce software. Today, it serves more than 8,956 stores in the World Wide Web.

So why do a lot of online businesses go for the BigCommerce shopping cart?

Customization is quite easy. The designers of the eCommerce software have complete access to CSS (through FTP), HTML, QuickEdit, and other tools. To customize the layout of your own store, you can simply pick among the fifty store designs or you can also use the Drag and Drop Design Mode.

Some store owners find it hard to learn how to use the shopping carts but with BigCommerce, there is no learning curve. With the aid of this eCommerce software, you can easily sell products on the web. If you have no idea how to use the software, you can use the ‘Getting Started Wizard’ and after that, you can now operate your online store together with the shopping cart. With a bit of research, you can find step-by-step videos that you can use just in case you’re stuck or you encounter problems.

SEO experts optimized the eCommerce software. In fact, Aaron Wall (an SEO guru) reviewed BigCommerce and all his feedbacks are now incorporated in this very powerful shopping cart. Just imagine how you can easily outrank all your competitors online!

The eCommerce also has built in intelligence reports that store owners can use. If you need help, BigCommerce can help you in making better business decisions. You get to work less and yet you’re earning more money.

BigCommerce will not penalize stores that tend to sell more. You can sell as many products are you like and the software will not get in the way. There are no transaction fees involved and most all, there are no hidden costs.

The top priority of Big Commerce is the security of online stores as well as the uptime of the shopping carts. Because of this, the software boasts of 99.99% uptime average track record. You can be sure that your store is protected with the same encryption and military-grade security like the large and prominent banks.

This eCommerce software has many features. For the design, the layout customization was already mentioned earlier and aside from that, you can also choose among the many templates, edit CSS and HTML from your browser, upload business logo, edit the email templates, etc.

The features are divided into the design features, SEO features, tax features, in-store features, marketing, support, hosting and security, payment and shipping, content management, search features, order and checkout, product and inventory, import or export, customer, and the reporting features.

Big Commerce is also far better than that of the Yahoo shopping cart and Volusion shopping cart. In terms of monthly price, BigCommerce offers the lowest monthly price of only $24.95 as compared to $39.95 of Yahoo and $29.95 of Volusion. A fifteen day free trial is als available with this new eCommerce software as compared to that of the 14-day trial by Volusion (and Yahoo doesn’t even offer a free trial!). The Drag and Drop Design Mode for easy customization is unique to BigCommerce as well the W3C Complaint Templates, online HTML/CSS editor, and the optimization by SEO gurus. The software offers 46 templates whereas Yahoo offers only 1 and Volusion, 20. This year, BigCommerce is recognized as one of the best shopping carts known today.

By visiting, you will be guided accordingly on how to open your very own online store. You can start by determining what you want to sell on the web. If you have a business in your area, then you can make it visible on the net. After choosing the products that you’re going to sell, you will now determine how to ship orders. Will you focus internationally or just locally? Know your shipping methods and jot it down.

Creating your own BigCommerce store is free and you can do this by filling out the form. You will simply provide your full name, organization, email address, phone number, and shop address. After providing the required fields, click on the ‘create my store’ button.

Once you’ve completed the sign up, you will need to decide how you will accept online payments. BigCommerce already has built in payment gateways and you’re free to use them. Picking a domain name is another vital decision and just make it short. You can use the default or you can pick your own domain name.

Various store designs are offered by BigCommerce and you can personalize your store’s layout. With so many designs to choose from, it’ll be easier to pick one that suits your business and requirements.

Use the import wizard Big Commerce to import existing products, categories, photos, and variations. If you no business yet, it’s also easy to add products with the use of the simple wizard and it already comes with descriptions, photos, etc.

Once you’ve completed all these steps, you can now launch your online store and start with the promotions. Add the URL in the marketing materials, invoices, and business cards so that you can effectively promote your new online store. Just in case you need help from the experts of BigCommerce, check out the contact details of the company found at the page’s top portion.

Having a thorough business plan before opening an online business is necessary to ensure success. The eCommerce software of BigCommerce is the perfect solution for your shopping cart needs. Having an automated and efficient payment gateway will make the shopping experience worthwhile for most customers.

If you’re still looking for a shopping cart, it’s time to go for BigCommerce eCommerce software. This is a name you can trust.

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