Black tiles are the most popular granite tile on the market today

Black tiles are the most popular granite tile on the market today

Granite has been used for hundreds of years in construction and interior aesthetics due to been beautiful and durable only the rich could afford this beautiful natural stone. has joined up with granite quarries abroad and import granite into the UK by the container. We supply granite tiles to shops, commercial projects, builders, interior designers, architects and joe public to name a few in various sizes. Our granite tiles are grade A the best quality granite on the market which can be used as a wall tile or floor tile. Don’t deal with the middle man deal direct with the source and save hundreds if not thousands of pounds of your projects.

Granite tiles absolute black tiles are the most popular granite tile on the market today. Absolute black granite tiles are a jet black tile which is natural stone which look exquisite laid in a brick effect pattern in 610mm x 305mm and in smaller sizes 305mm x 305mm as a bathroom tile. Absolute black granite tiles are popular laid as a kitchen tile laid in contrast with black granite worktops and against high gloss white kitchen units.

Galaxy black granite tiles are a black tile with gold flecks throughout the tile producing a extraordinary original tile which looks amazing. Galaxy black granite tile with magical gold flecks can be used as kitchen tile, floor tile, bathroom tile and many of our clients are using the granite black galaxy as a floor tile in living rooms. The picture below is in our factory showing massive slabs of granite which are cut down to kitchen granite counter tops and also granite tiles which come in sizes of 406mm x 406mm and 305mm x 305mm. will ship anywhere in the UK. We are a natural limited company who ship out all over the UK so weather your in the highlands of Scotland to to bottom end of England or even in Ireland we ship you granite tiles anywhere. Below is a example of destinations in the Uk but if you can’t find your location on the drop down menu don’t worry we ship all over the UK.

Kashmir white granite tiles are amazing when laid against absolute black granite tiles or black galaxy tiles depending on preference.Kashmir white granite tiles when laid as a floor tile always looks incredible as a bathroom tile in a 406mm x 406mm slab. Kashmir white granite tiles can also be used as a wall tile which makes a bathroom look like it was built out of granite blocks.

Granite is a natural stone created by mother nature when magma cools and minerals cristallize. The process takes place deep in the earths crust which can take thousands of years producing large crystals the beautiful granite. Granite natural stone comes in many different colours with the most common absolute black granite or galaxy granite.

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