Bogus Wholesale Drop Shippers – Find Out What Are the Drop Shipping Rip-offs and How to Avoid It!

Bogus Wholesale Drop Shippers – Find Out What Are the Drop Shipping Rip-offs and How to Avoid It!

If you want to know about things, one way to look into it is a forum. It serves as a channel to communicate, advertise, or debunk a product or a service. Feedbacks from both side of the party (happy and unsatisfied customers) put in a lot of effort to give their own personal views about the product or service that they have purchased, used or availed.

I am new to the idea of ​​drop shipping and when the word or concept is alien to me, I make it a point to spend some time on research. I try to read as much as I can so I can have a thorough knowledge of the subject that I am interested in. In layman's term, let me try to define what drop ship is and how it works.

For most retailers, they would grab any help that would entail cheap expense on their side. Drop ship is a cheap method that aids retailers who do not have enough capital to buy wholesale items to stock, hire employees to manage the inventory, and shell out for storage rental.

The basics of drop shipping are: purchasing the wholesale product, managing the stock, and shipping the retail product to the customers. Retailers have used a three-in-one task through a drop shipper.

As part of my research, I went into one of the forum. Most of the posts that I have read obviously came from disgruntled and displeased customers. What is it that customers inundated the forum with so much complaint? Based on the copious post thread, there is a profusion of scams that goes with drop shipping.

A scam happens when a retailer buys a list of fake drop shippers. The list is actually a catalog of business or individuals who are not really wholesalers and do not have a product of their own to sell. They act as middlemen or third party between the retailer and the wholesaler. What they do is charge the retailer the regular fee leaving little profit margin for the retailer.

Starting an online retail store and getting a drop shipping service will require one to plan carefully and choose smartly. An easy way to avert scams is to get your drop shippers from the REAL and LEGITIMATE website directories such as WorldWide Brand and Salehoo. These two names have been met with so many positive reviews but I am more inclined to suggest Salehoo. Most Power sellers on e-Bay have used drop shippers from Salehoo. It is relatively affordable but not as cheap as the conned ones. The membership fee is only a one-time payment with no hidden costs. Unlike the fake ones, they will ask for an initial payment which is way too cheap but will draw out your money once you start ordering their list. Another benefit that you can get out of Salehoo is that they will find a supplier or drop shipper for you just in case you do not find one in their list.

Salehoo is definitely not a scam. If you want your business to flourish give Salehoo a try!

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