Developing E-commerce For Your Business Planning

Developing E-commerce For Your Business Planning

Begin online business, the first is to buit an online e-commerce site. You must think the initial business idea, and conceive your e-commerce structure. Your business plan should contain which products and service your supply. And who are your customers, which market your business should serve. You need to make a market research, then determines potential of the market. The last, you can begin to buit your e-commerce site.

1. Application of Web development software to construct a website. This kind of software is usually Microsoft Front Page or Dreamweaver, or worldpress, drupal. It is easy to install and use. The shopping cart system is also simple to install software. Once the Web site is setup and the shopping cart system is loaded, you can list your offers, the best is listing information detailed, such as model, specification, term of payment and more for sale on the shopping cart system.

2. Set up your payment processing. As a merchant, you must establish a bank account and an agreement. A payment processor is an entity that processes credit card numbers. A merchant also must provide the processor with a tax identification number or social security. Since we are discussing legal requirements, another need-to-know fact is that sales tax is only applicable if the purchaser’s home state is the same as the shipping point of the goods purchased.

3. Products transport. The general e-commerce portal use drop shipping. Drop shipping is a middle-man approach to online retailing. It only setup to process orders and payment, not ship the products. In fact, the e-commerce site only captures a margin of profit from each products sold. Other e-commerce web sites function so that they process the orders and ship the goods all in-house. This is more of an e-bay approach.

When complete constructed the simple e-commerce site, then you should know how to e-commerce works. A customer visits your e-commerce site through search engine (google, yahoo, msn). Then, customer selects goods for purchase. The selected goods are added to shopping cart. Once the customer is ready to pay for the goods he proceeds to checkout, where he provide payment and receive the products. The last, purchase receipt is provided via e-mail.

Of course, You can not build own e-commerce sites, you only need to establish own online stores through a third party portal site, such as amazon. If you need to extend your products to foreign markets, then you need to log in some B2B sites, or you can find out local trade portal which market you hope to export. The most b2b site needs higher charge, you can visit, it is free for registration and publish offers, but it mainly serves the U.S. and Europe market for chinese exporters, if you are a distributor/wholesaler, or need OEM services, and think of import chinese products with good quality and price, this b2b trade portal is better choose for your business.

In the end, i think that you should have a glimpse of what is e-commerce and how to do, it’s time for you to begin your business planning. It’s time for you to begin your business planning from a simple e-commerce site.

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