Drop Ship Merchandise – Where Do I Find Good Sources?

Drop Ship Merchandise – Where Do I Find Good Sources?

Thousands of people are all looking to get started making money online on any given week.  Some make it, most others don’t.  The reason most people fail to make money in e-commerce is that they start out with the wrong strategies, or get scammed by unscrupulous people who take advantage of them.

One of the biggest scams online is in the area of drop ship merchandise.  Scam artists advertise that you can make big profits by signing up and selling their products.  The uneducated typically fall for this ploy, and several months later and several hundred dollars poorer, they give up.  Don’t be in this group.

In fact, you can make big profits online – if you do it the right way.  Drop ship merchandise is profitable, but only if you deal direct with real drop shippers, not middleman scam artists who only take your money.  Here is how to tell the difference:

If your supplier of drop ship merchandise does not give you the actual names and addresses of the companies who either make or distribute the products nationally, then most likely they are middlemen.  You’ll never be able to buy product from them and make a profit – they charge you way too much.

If the service you are using does it all – collects payments, ship orders, provides the web site – then they are simply middlemen who are using you to sell their wares.  By the time you subtract your expenses, you’ll be luck with any profit at all.

Only work with real drop ship suppliers – you’ll make more money and have a much better chance for success.

Source by Carl Ringwall

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