Drop Shipping Beware – How To Avoid A Scam

Drop Shipping Beware – How To Avoid A Scam

Unfortunately there are many people out there who have been victims of drop shipping bad companies. The nature of the business means that there are a lot of sharks out there looking to prey on the innocent and con them from their money, so is it a case of drop shipping beware, or is it really possible to make money using this method?

The good news is that not all companies are like the drop shipping bad companies. In fact, there are some very genuine businesses out there who are happy to drop ship their wholesale products while aiding you to make a profit. They key is finding a good wholesale supplier. Unlike retail businesses, wholesale suppliers make their money from selling in bulk. Their prices are cheap because they purchase direct from manufacturers and they then sell on to retailers.

As the internet has grown, many wholesale suppliers have seen the advantages of offering a drop shipping service to their customers and it is these companies that are trustworthy that you should be doing business with.

One of the key preying points that is used by drop shipping bad companies is that they know that you as a retailer will never see of handle the product. This means that they are able to take good photographs of products and then send out inferior quality items to your customer. While they pocket a profit, you are left with dealing with unhappy customers who are demanding refunds for the substandard items.

Many people are drop shipping beware because they have been victims of these sorts of scams, but don’t let that put you off because as long as you find a good wholesale supplier, drop shipping can actually be a very good way for you to make some money.

Perhaps the best tip when starting to do business with a drop ship wholesale supplier is to first test out the service that you are getting and that you will be offering to your customers. Order a few different items and check that you are happy with the quality, as well as the delivery times and the packaging that the wholesale supplier uses.

Many wholesale suppliers will simply use blank packaging which is great for you as a retailer as it means that your customer does not need to know that you are using the services of a drop ship supplier. This is how people turn a small home business into an empire, as they are able to offer a full range of goods to their customer without the usual costs which are associated with running a retail store.

A good drop shipping wholesale supplier is one of the best partners that you can have in business, as they will save you time and money, while helping your business to be presented in the best way possible.

Use the simple steps described here to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want, and you won’t have to worry about being drop shipper beware anymore.

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