Drop Shipping Reviews

Drop Shipping Reviews

It’s really hard to find good drop ship suppliers and wholesalers online. The internet is full of scammers and middlemen who make money by getting in between you and the real wholesale companies. As an ecommerce expert with several years experience in online product sourcing and sales, I have used most of the more popular drop shipping programs out there. I have reviewed most of them, and noted the pros and cons of each. So here you are, my drop shipping reviews.

WorldWide Brands
WorldWide Brands is the webs most popular wholesale listing and directory. It’s eBay Certified, so you can count on dealing with legitimate wholesalers and drop shippers. The downsides are the high cost and the large amount of competition. The price is nearly $300 dollars, but it’s very comprehensive. The biggest problem, is that lots of eBay sellers use this directory to source products, which means a ton of competition for you.

Doba is massively popular because it makes drop shipping really easy. It’s nothing but drop shipping, and they handle a lot of the hard work for you. However, as with anything that seems to good to be true, there are some major flaws.  The biggest are the marked up ‘wholesale’ pricing and the product lines. Doba is known for having very high pricing, and the products go out of stock frequently without notice. This is also a go-to spot for eBay sellers, which means you’ll have a very hard time competing with all the other sellers with the same products and pricing.

DHGate is a Chinese run website that offers tons of products are very low prices. Sounds too good to be true, right? Correct.  The flaw here is that most of the products are counterfeit. There are also many scammers that won’t send you the product at all.  This is a poor choice for a legitimate ecommerce business.

For more drop shipping reviews, plus some secret sources and tips, check out my full review.

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