Dropship Distributor – Are Bulk Discounts Available As You Grow?

Dropship Distributor - Are Bulk Discounts Available As You Grow? photo

You should not start your online sales business by buying in bulk. So, bulk buying discounts are not usually considered when choosing a dropship distributor. But are they available from the wholesale distributor you’re considering now? And why is it important?

Like most of us, if your business is young, you’re excited about just a few sales. As you should be… a few sales now can translate to great success. And bulk buying is just not part of your thought process. Let me make a few quick points that I think will help with the wholesale dropship suppliers decision:

1. Bulk buying is where most online seller want to be. This is where you want to be in the future. Even though you may not be ready yet, it doesn’t hurt to look at the big picture.

2. The profit numbers: 5% doesn’t mean much at $100 worth of sales but at thousands of dollars in sales it starts to look really good.

3. Don’t be scared of bulk buying. Buying in bulk does not have to be $1000’s of dollars. Many distributors will start discounts lower than you might think.

4. Some dropship distributors will let customers combine orders to reach a discount level. Example: Distributor A gives a 5% discount on orders above $500 bought in advance. You don’t really want to order that much but you know another seller from a forum that is also Distributor A’s customer. You buy and pay for $250 and the other seller buys and pays for $250.

5. And some of these wholesale drop ship distributors will let the $250 be on multiple items that you know you will sell in a short period of time. You will NOT to be “hoping” to sell them…you will know (because of past sales) that you will sell them easily. (I would not encourage buying items in bulk that you have not already been selling)

6. Now put this on a larger scale as your business grows: Maybe $5000 gets a 8% bulk discount. And you get with 4 other sellers… each $1000. On your $1000 you make an extra $80. Think farther as the $’s get larger still. This is where your goals are.

So this is why you should be looking a the right wholesale dropship distributor relations now. Most online selling businesses use the same drop shippers over and over again. And that’s understandable since developing business relationships are very important and establishing them is not easy.

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