Dropship Website Services; Do They Make Money?

Dropship Website Services; Do They Make Money?

If you are starting to look around at getting your feet wet with eCommerce, you may have seen one of the many dropship website providers currently proliferating on the web.  Some of these services are very reputable and provide a great service to their customers, but others are nothing more than old-fashioned rip-offs.

Dropshipping is simply using a wholesale vendor to stock and ship products that you actually sell.  You don’t keep an inventory; the vendor takes care of that.  The vendors ship your orders to your customers with your company name on the box, so the customer does not know you are drop shipping.  A dropship website is a real easy way to start an online store quickly with little upfront inventory costs.

Beware of companies that offer to sell you a ‘huge’ variety of products for drop shipping.  These types of operations are middlemen that don’t give you very good pricing.  You’ll find you won’t be price competitive with other stores, and there will be hundreds of others selling the same items.

A good dropship website directory can point you to reputable ‘real’ drop ship companies that actually make and distribute their products.  Many vendors these days will dropship – and the directory sites can put you in contact with these firms.  If you don’t get direct phone contacts and addresses, you are likely dealing with a middleman, and not a true drop ship provider.

You can start fast, experiment with many different products to find the right product mix by utilizing the power of drop-shipping.  It’s a great, proven technique whether you are a newcomer of seasoned pro.

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