eBay and Dropshipping – Selling Other People’s Product

eBay and Dropshipping – Selling Other People’s Product

There is a large connection between eBay and dropshipping. Many people use dropship companies to help with their eBay sales.

A drop ship company is one which will send out products on your behalf. This means that all you need to do is to set up the listing on eBay and contact the dropship company when you get an order.

They will deal with packaging up the product and sending it out to the customer. This suits a great deal of people as many people do not like wrapping parcels and the hassle of sorting out the postage.

It also means that you do not have to worry about being out of stock of a particular product as the dropship company should keep everything that you need in stock.

Using eBay and dropshipping is also very useful for anyone who does not have the space to store stock and does not want the expenses of having a storage facility to keep it.

In addition you will not have to worry about storing packaging materials and worry about sourcing those as well.

Posting wise, if you are doing this yourself you will have to go to the post office every day and carry heavy parcels and stand in the queue for ages or you will have to stay in and wait for the courier to come and collect your items.

There are some disadvantages of eBay and dropshipping which is why not every seller uses it.

Firstly, you have no control over how the package looks when it is sent out. It is likely that it will be professional and everything will be fine, but some people would rather have better control over how their items are wrapped and sent out.

EBay and drop shipping can also potentially be a problem if the parcel gets lost in the post. The seller may not know if it was even sent out and if so when and whether it was clearly addressed.

Obviously using a reputable drop ship company should prevent this type of error happening too often but it might be a worry for some sellers if they want to maintain a clean reputation.

Something to consider if you want to combine eBay and drop shipping but are worried about tarnishing your current eBay reputation is to set up a new eBay profile for the drop ship items.

This means that you can afford to experiment with using such a company and know that your eBay profile will be fine.

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