Finding A Drop Ship Supplier For Your E Commerce Store

Finding A Drop Ship Supplier For Your E Commerce Store

Once you setup an e commerce store, the next best thing is to start looking for suppliers who can actually drop ship products. But there is always this problem of finding the right drop shipper who is authentic and does legitimate business. As a beginner you might not know where to look for the right people and end up actually doing business with a middle man who poses as a drop shipper but is not one exactly. Worldwide Brands actually give you a perfect solution to this problem of yours.

A wholesaler cannot be listed in the Worldwide Brands database without a checking process. Once he informs his willingness to get himself listed in the database, the research center of  Worldwide Brands makes sure that the information given by the wholesaler is correct. The next step taken by them is then contacted and asked a series of questions to verify their legitimacy. The wholesaler is then listed if and only if his business is legitimate. So by the time you approach Worldwide Brands, half of your work is completed by them.

You don`t have to worry about being cheated or be speculative about the middle men factor in doing business with the supplier. Further, there is a new concept that is coined by Worldwide Brands, the light bulk drop shipping suppliers through which the wholesaler actually send you their products at a whole sale price but in a light bulk ($500 or less lots). You have to ship them to your customers yourself. Worldwide Brands have the most coveted database that is neatly organized and categorized. As a member, it becomes very easy for you to choose suppliers.

The most amazing thing is the vastness of the database. It almost covers more than 8000 suppliers who are ready to do business with online retailers like you through over 8.1 million products. Sometimes trade shows also help to build the supplier – retailer relationships. They are organized by the trade association in fact you have to prove that you are a genuine retailer looking for some business for even entering into the show. But nothing is as safe as treading in a path that is already laid before you. Apart from helping you choose the right drop shipper, Worldwide Brands also steps you through your product sourcing research to help you become an success.

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