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So you want to expand your businesses product line by finding a dropship company. Well the good news is that you could not be making a better decision because there is no better way to expand you businesses product line than with finding the right drop ship company.

The only problem is where do you go to actually find reputable drop ship companies. The goal of this article is to highlight some of the mistakes you do not what to make when looking for a drop shipper.

First off you may be inclined to go to eBay and look for people selling list of drop shippers. Please do not make this mistake because typically these lists are very old and most the dropship companies are not even in business any more. These lists are typically no more than a scam.

Next you will find a bunch of website that have links and other information leading to suppliers that claim they drop ship. While you may find a diamond in these links they typically are not worth the effort.

What you want to find is the reputable business providing the service of selling you a list of drop ship companies. These businesses will have spent the time researching interviewing, and reviewing various dropship companies.

You will know these businesses when you see them because they guarantee their list of drop ship suppliers. Also they will be members of the better business bureau online, because they stand behind their service.

Another way to find a dropship company [] is to do the research yourself. Check your yellow pages for companies selling surplus goods or cruise down to the local library and check out the wholesale supplier directory to find potential vendors.

One word of caution when dealing with dropship company… make sure you get a sample of the product before you start selling it. Do not just go by the picture in a catalog or on a website.

Also not there are certain companies that will provide wholesale products if you by in small lots.

This research may cause a little more work for your business but you can find some very profitable products to sell. Also many times these products are great for e-bay.

Overall when looking for a drop ship company or wholesale supplier it is easiest to use a directory from a reputable company that has already investigated various drop ship suppliers. These drop ship directories will be guaranteed and typically be a part of the better business bureau.

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