Free Dropshipping Trials – How to Find the Right Dropshipper For Your Online Business

Free Dropshipping Trials – How to Find the Right Dropshipper For Your Online Business

In recent years the wholesale dropshipper has become one of the greatest assets for sellers on eBay and online stores. Dropship companies give online businesses access to over a million products at below wholesale prices. Dropshipping members pay nothing up-front for the products they choose to sell and the dropshipper takes care of the process of shipping the product to the customer. On the surface it may seem that setting up a dropshipping free trial is as easy as filling out a sign-up form, Unfortunately many aspiring online entrepreneurs don’t take the time to think through their business plan before testing out a dropshipper. There are several important steps one must take in order to find the dropshipper that best fits their online business needs.

Before Starting A Free Dropshipping Trial

Due to the large amount of competition between dropshippers, most legitimate merchants offer a free trial to test out their services. Before you sign-up for a dropshipping trial, make sure to set up an eBay seller account so that you will be able to sell from the moment your trial starts. It is best to only take a free trial with one dropshipping company at a time. Since dropshippers offer an average trial length of seven days, if you only try four dropshipping companies you will have a whole month’s membership completely free of charge. This will also give you time to focus on the unique services offered by each dropshipper.

Which Is The Best Wholesale Dropshipper For You?

There are several factors you should take into account while evaluating each dropshipper. The first is the monthly membership cost of the dropshipper. While all legitimate dropshippers have a monthly fee, they can range from thirty to over one hundred dollars per month. Each dropshipper will have their own unique catalog of products. Many will also feature exclusives that are not available from any other dropshippers. Check these exclusive items on eBay’s completed auction tool and look for items that have both a consistently high number of bidders as well as a closing price above the dropshipping catalog price. This will ensure there is high demand and a willingness of the buyers to bid up the price of these items. Some dropshippers such as Doba offer a push-to-marketplace tool. This service allows you to transfer all of the required information for an eBay auction directly to your listing. Keep careful records throughout the trial. By the end of the last trial you should have a good idea of which dropshipping company will work best for you.

After The Trial: How To Get The Best Dropshipping Price

When your dropshipping trials end, pay careful attention to your email. Many dropshippers will offer special monthly and annual rates for new sign-ups. Some companies even offer as much as a fifty percent discount off their membership rates. Remember, dropshippers will fight hard for your business If you don’t receive any special offers, it is worthwhile to call the customer service and ask for a reduced rate to continue your service. Many will offer a special rate right over the phone. After you have chosen your dropshipping company, the challenge truly begins. If you have the patience and determination, a dropshipping membership will become an invaluable asset to your online business.

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