From the History of Cabbage to Understand Cabbage Soup Diet

From the History of Cabbage to Understand Cabbage Soup Diet

When you are into the cabbage soup diet, you will be acquainted with the cabbage for one long week. It will be nice to know how it came to be. After all, a week of cabbage soup with this plan will make you drop around ten pounds and give you more confidence to face the world.

Agricultural experts have made significant changes to the crops that we eat today. Some of these changes are intentional to produce better vegetables or fruits. Examples of improvements are the terms of size and shelf life.

Some of the changes though are not intentional. Our ancestors for example could have gathered the seeds of their favorite plants and produced them more frequently than less superior quality crops. The cabbage, popular for its medicinal effects, is a vegetable that have evolved through simple long term selection process with no specific purpose in mind.

Cabbage belongs to the species of Brassica oleracea like the kale, kohlrabi, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Notable differences among them are products of thousands of years of human cultivation and selective propagation. Man has been planting and using cabbage for more than forty centuries.

The Celts are said to be the travelers who brought cabbage to Europe. The common vegetable in Asia began to impress and conquer the households of Europe around 600B.C. The early cabbage was not the large, solid head we take for granted today, but rather a more wobbly leafy vegetable.

Early Uses of Cabbage

Records exhausted from the medieval times show that cabbage has been a staple together with whatever meats are available. Catherine de Medici might have introduced the Savoy cabbage to France to win the heart of the heir to be.

The Dutch are thought to be the originators of the coleslaw as kool means cabbage and sla means salad. Cabbage is a well known vegetable in Europe. Houeholds in Russia, Poland, Germany, and Hungary have been cabbage lovers long ago. Colcannon, an early dish of the Irish, is a combination of cabbage and potato. Cabbage has also been pickled by the Germans and Americans thus the name sauerkraut.

Cabbage on the High Seas

Captain Cooks journey have been thankful to the cabbage. One time, the voyage met a storm while on the sea and many crew members were injured. The doctor of the ship made poultices of cabbage to treat the wounds. The captain was also known for storing choucroute on his ships. Choucroute is an ancient German dish made mostly from cabbage.

Recent Years

Cabbage is a regular dish in many nations across the globe. It keeps us warm during the chill of the winter and refreshes us when served chilled during the summer.

Many studies were conducted to explore the medicinal value of the cabbage. It is a proven anti cancer vegetable. It also aids in digestion and fat burning process thus the cabbage soup diet is very effective.

Health buffs have resorted to the cabbage soup diet to quickly drop around ten pounds of weight. This is done by utilizing the low calorie property of the cabbage soup. It also boosts our immune system and helps us fight diseases while on the diet.

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