Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games Opening Ceremony Gets Ready

Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games Opening Ceremony Gets Ready

It is only two days from the Guangzhou Asian Games opening ceremony; the exact time is form November 12 to November 27, 2010. Xiao Ning, the Deputy Minister of Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing festivals and cultural activities, said, “Guangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony and the ceremony program have been basically prepared the opening ceremony would be held under the water, which is the most impressive part.” The related staffs have prepared the opening ceremony rehearsals for three times. The reporters interview many details in the period to tell the public the latest progress.

  Guangzhou would change previous Asian Games opening ceremony

 Doha Asian Games opening ceremony, Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony, the South African World Cup opening ceremony, opening ceremony of the Shanghai World Expo deeply impressed the world with the Grand scenes or gorgeous costumes or frequent high-tech scene. How can Guangzhou Asian Games opening ceremony under the banner of saving make the world memorize? Every thing would be announced in November 12th.

In the Doha Asian Games opening ceremony, the general director Atkins vowed, “This is the most wonderful opening ceremony in the history of international competition.”  In the short 90 minutes, from the origin of universe -the Big Bang, to the Arab city of the future, billions of years in history is concentrated in an Arab magical. The high technology in this ceremony is even beyond the Sydney Olympics and Athens Olympic Games.  Especially the “Falcon” made by high-tech, a pair of steel wings are12 meters and will be controlled by the computer in the sky, It is amazing. At the same time, it leaves a big problem for Guangzhou Asian Games ceremony. But the Sixteen ceremonies have been ready to change it and would shock the world.

It will show the unique charm with the theme of water

Xiao Ning, the Deputy Minister of ceremony said, “It will be a revolutionary breakthrough in time and space, beyond the traditional forms and concepts of model performance. This would be the most outstanding ceremony.” Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee announced, “The opening ceremony would be held at the public square on the Haixin Island near the Pearl River” With the theme of water, it fully shows progressive South Asian culture and civilization, at the same time, the cultural diversity of Asia can achieve integration and creation here.

The Guangzhou Asian Games opening ceremony has dress rehearsal for 5 times before In the November 12. Most of the lucky public who can get in to watches the show are shocked by it and said,” it is in no way inferior to any session of ceremony” Especially the program white of the sails with the background of Sailing props is unprecedented and even more gorgeous than the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games.

 Some special bright spots

To see the holy water in the big ship

The biggest difference from the previous ceremony is the stage. It is not  in the stadium, but on the island near Pearl River. This island is shaped like a ship, named Harmony, which can hold 18,000 spectators. The stands are just the cockpit of the “ship”, with up to 80 meters. Opening will began with “a drop of water”. The girls sitting in the banana leaves fall from the sky and bring a drop of holy water into the sea to bring audiences began to “sail.” In the ship, More than 500 performers dressed as kapok petals will open the curtain quietly.

  Special way of the delegation admittance

 The delegation enters through the Avenue of Stars. 6 pm to 7 pm, there will be a special part called “a river of song.” athletes from 45 countries and regions will take the 45 vessels to cruise the Pearl River parade. They can sit in the boat; enjoy the scenery of the Pearl River. Meanwhile, the native citizens would perform the local activities and show the cool-novelty aside the river.. So they can also view the special culture and customs.

 People play like Flying Seagulls in the air

 Throughout the opening performance, the most noteworthy is “clouds of sail”. The 180 performers are suspended in air for 9 minutes to do lots of performance. The background is the Sailing screen in four directions. In the, the 180 actor will do in the air in various shapes, including smiling, flying gulls, and sports competitions in the hurdles. As it is 80 meters, the actors hanging only can move in the upper and lower to achieve the jigsaw. This make the audience excited for each site.

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