How Designers Can Earn Money

How Designers Can Earn Money


Start Your Career as T-shirt Designer

                “Design is intelligence made visible” – Alina Wheeler

If you have talent in creating graphic designs by assembling images, typography or motion graphics? Then why wait, the current online world offers infinite possibilities to graphic designers. In that, one of the most profitable option is creating designs for t-shirts. Selling T-shirt online using an E-commerce website is growing day by day. So this article will help you to get some useful information about the market opportunities and guide you in starting your own online business.

Nowadays t-shirts make up a major share of your household’s wardrobe. People of all Genres, Ethnicity, Race, Sizes and Age groups use T-shirts. Hence, we have a global market for Tshirts, Specifically Graphic design Printed T-shirts. Creating a Tshirt Brand and selling tshirts was not an easy task until recently, where you can start your own Tshirt Brand in very short notice and hire a Tshirt Drop Shipping Company that Ships worldwide ( and Start Selling your Own design printed Tshirts using the Internet through your Own Stores (, OSCommerce, etc) or Other Online Marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay etc) without any Hassle.

How to Create Your Own T-shirt Design

“I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it” – Pablo Picasso

Creating designs for the t-shirt is becoming one of the most popular channel for design developers. Even if you’re an illustrator or graphic designer or typographer, the reflection of having your design on the t-shirt is a pretty good idea.

Explore Your Design concept

“Many great ideas go unexecuted, and many great executioners are without ideas.

One without the other is worthless” – Tim Blixseth

        thinking and writing.PNG

Before you start creating designs, you must explore your concept first. Sit back and relax and think then sketch your designs on a piece of paper, so that you can easily make some modifications and instantly see how it looks.

After multiple corrections, you will have a final design that looks and feels just the way you imagined it.

Create a Mock-up of your Design Over Plain Tshirt Templates

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein

    design to tshirt.jpg

There is a lot of difference between viewing your printed tshirts through a computer monitor and In hand. Categorize your designs if necessary, whether it is for Men or Women, etc and imagine your design on respective gender t-shirts. Download Blank Tshirt Templates online ( Now use these blank tshirts as base templates for your designs and then start creating your designs over them. If you still have doubts with a final output get a sample printed tshirt from a custom t-shirt printing website ( Once you are satisfied with the design, you can start selling them on your website / Online Store.

Keep Things Simple in Your Design

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” –Leonardo Da Vinci

A complex design with lots of minute details can take a large amount of time and effort to do any corrections or modifications. However it doesn’t mean to go with complicated designs, the simple designs always can have a greater impact among people.

Colour Means Everything

“Designing a product is designing a relationship” – Steve Rogers



Make sure, any design that you going to create should blend with the T Shirt fabric background, so choose your t-shirt base colours wisely for each and every design, Since every factor affects the final outcome. You can use bright colors on light T-shirts and light colors on dark Tshirts.

Tip: If you are working with adobe illustrator turn on the option called “global colours” it will help you to save your time from colour corrections.

Develop Your Designs in Proper File Format

Different types of  graphic file formats are used in this Industry. Generally, the average person will not able to open design files with the extensions like AI, EPS and PSD.  These type of file requires a special software program, so develop your designs in a proper file format by coordinating with your printing supplier. Below you may find some useful points about the different file extensions you may come across when working as a t-shirt graphic designer.

  • General Image File formats used in t-shirt printing industry

     – Transparent PNG Format (Recommended) – Smaller size but Supports only RGB Colour Mode.

     – Transparent PDF Format – Universal Saving Format with All Colour Modes but Bigger File Size

  • Always Design your File in CMYK mode as all Tshirts Printers can reproduce only CMYK Colours.

  • Image resolution 200 to 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch)

  • Design size should be the  approximate print size on the tshirt Eg: If a print size is A4 size (30cm x 20cm) then your image should be 30cm x 20 cm for better results

Preparing a Print Artwork for Production

“A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense” – Bruno Munari

The graphic designer who creates the design can visualize the final output on t-shirts. But the people who are involved in manufacturing the tshirts need to instructed accordingly in order to understand the same by producing proper artwork of your design with exact size measurements you want on the printed t-shirts.This can be created using designer tools like adobe Photoshop, adobe illustrator  etc. Preparing the art works will vary based on different printing methods. If you using screen printing technology then you can prepare art works using Pantone colours.

Build Your Own Online T-shirt Selling Store


how to setup an online store.jpg

  • Present technology makes the process of building and launching an online t-shirt selling store /website easy and quick.

  • You can create your own website by selecting the ready to use web templates from one-click integration Web store Creators (Shopify, OS-Commerce, Open-cart, Cartjack etc)

  • Follow the Set-Up process with these Web store Creators by selecting  your web page templates, colours, Fonts and much more to Customize and start running your online store within a few clicks.

  • Integrate payment gateways with the Web store Creators Apps Stores.

  • Now You can upload, preview and list your products to start selling on your website.

 Integrate with T-shirt fulfillment Service

 After developing your own online t-shirt selling store along with feasible payment gateways, then search and integrate a t-shirt fulfillment service.

  • The t-shirt fulfillment service provider will ship your order directly to your customer on behalf of you with your own brand name.

  • There are lots of t-shirt print-on-demand tshirt dropshippers (like etc), you can directly integrate them with your ecommerce store.

Create T-shirt Mockup Templates

 You need to create a Tshirt Design Mock-up (Digital Preview of printed t-shirt) for displaying and Selling Purpose.

  • For this you need to get the Blank Tshirt Image Templates ( you may collect from your T-Shirt Dropshipper like and place your designs on top of the blank tshirt templates where it needs to be printed (Using Adobe Photoshop or similar software) and you are ready to go.

  • You can also get some assistance from free online mock-up creation tools.

Use Preferable Printing Technology

 There are different types of printing technologies that are used to print on tshirts. You must select the preferable printing technology based on your graphic design. Some of the popular printing technologies are listed below for your information.

  • Direct to Garment (DTG) Digital Printing

  • Screen Printing &

  • Heat Transfer Photo Printing

Direct to Garment (DTG) Digital Printing

  • Digital printing (DTG – Direct to Garment) is the process of printing digital images directly on to the garment.

  • DTG printing produces higher resolution prints(300 to 1200 DPI) better than other t-shirt printing technologies.

  • DTG prints can reproduce 10 million and above CMYK colours

Screen Printing Technology

  • Screen printing is the most generally used methods of t-shirt printing.

  • Screen printing is the process of printing an image on fabric, paper or some other object by pressing ink  against silkscreen with areas blocked off by a stencil.

  • The design that needs to printed is first split down into separate layers based on the different colours.

  • All those layers are then transferred onto a screen, the screen will have holes so when ink is pulled across the screen, it gets pushed through the holes on to the t-shirts.

  • This process will repeat till the whole design is finished.

Heat Transfer Photo Printing

  • Heat transfer photo printing technology is the process of printing on special transfer paper, then using heat press or home iron boxes to transfer it onto t-shirts.

  • Heat transfer photo technique will give you better resolution, but it does not require the large budget spending or set up costs.

  • The heat transfer photo printing option is best suited for home made custom tshirts.

Market Your Designs

  • You must market your designs to increase your website sales

  • The sales rate is based on number of people visiting your website and visit is based on your marketing.

  • A well planned and organized internet marketing campaign on a variety of targeted sites, will generate a good number of visits and sales on your website.

  • So prepare your marketing plan by researching your targeted audience.

  • Below some general tips are listed out for preparing basic marketing plan.

         – Define Your Customers

         – Choose Your Targets

         – Plan Your Budget

         – Create Your Ad Content

         – Track & Monitor Your Ad Campaigns

Measure Profits

  • Measuring profits is the most important objective for any kind of business (both online and offline)

  • Your Product pricing is the main factor to decide your profit rate.

  • Generally the the profit & loss calculation will show the revenues received by a business and the costs involved in generating that revenue.

  • You can find out the gross profit of a business by deducting cost of sales from turnover

                                  Gross Profits = Revenues – Costs.

  • You can find out the operating profit by deducting the expenses from the gross profit

                                 Operating Profit = Gross Profit – Expenses

 Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.

Be Creative & Be Unique with your designs !

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