How to Find a Nintendo Wii for Christmas

How to Find a Nintendo Wii for Christmas

The Nintendo Wii gaming system was first launched in the United States in November of 2006, it has been one of the most sought after consoles ever since. Since then, the system has become easier to find, but with the recent $50 price drop, it’s better to be safe than sorry when trying to find a Wii to give as a Christmas gift.

As a reliable wholesale electronics supplier, certainly sell Nintendo Wii gaming system. Familiar with Nintendo Wii gaming system, is willing to give consumers some immature suggestions of how to find a Wii for Christmas.

1. Research online to find out which retailers have the Wii in stock, or will have them available to ship and arrive before Christmas. Check websites for popular stores like Best Buy and GameStop as well as web-based outlets like and, etc.

2. Keep searching, even after you’ve found a Wii, for one that is in good condition (if you’re buying used from, or another site) and one that may come in a “bundle,” packaged with other games and accessories. For instance, a Wii Fit bundle included the console, a Wii Fit game and balance board needed for the game.

3.Call each store or website that you find with the lowest price for the option of Wii or bundle that you’d like to purchase. Ask the store clerk if the store can put the Wii on hold for you and how long they can hold it.

4.While you have one Wii on hold to ensure you won’t lose it to another shopper, research more information on deals or other sales coming up before Christmas. Some stores will mark prices down or have an influx of items delivered before a big sale.

5. Mark down any sale options, like early-bird sales on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) and decide whether you want to risk getting a great deal on the Wii or whether you’d prefer to purchase the Wii that is currently on hold for you at the store.

6. Purchase the Wii or bundle you’ve chosen. Keep the receipt and watch for more sales and deals up until Christmas Day, as you may still be able to get a price match on a new sale.

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