How To Find REAL Wholesale Dropshippers For Almost Any Product

How To Find REAL Wholesale Dropshippers For Almost Any Product

With more and more people getting online, many of them are searching
for information on specific products that they are interested in

Thus one of the best possible ways to turn a profit online is
to find wholesale sources that will drop-ship thes products directly
to your customers who come to your website for more informatation.
Also you could set up eBay auctions to sell these products.

BUT ….

Most of the wholesale sources ebooks, list of 10,000 drop shippers
etc. that you see being offered online just do not cut it. Either
they are full of links that lead to websites that are no longer
active, lead you to wholesalers who carry junk products (dollar store
items, as seen on TV stuff), or the price are too high for you to
make any profits.

Actually most of the time the so called wholesale sources you find
in these ebooks and lists are nothing more than "middle men". They
are buying from the real wholesalers and then reselling the products
to you at a marked up price so they will make a profit.

But what if you could cut out the middle men and find real wholesalers
of brand name products at prices that will be profitable for you.
Well you can do this but it will not happen by depending on those outdated
ebooks and drop shippers list.

You need to find these sources your self. It could be as simple as
finding a porduct manufaturer or supplier and simply asking them if
they can drop ship the product directly to your customers. Some times
you may have to negotiate a deal to get them to drop ship for you.

Either way you'll make more money because you can get the in demand
brand name products you want at a good price.

So how do you find wholesale suppliers?

Just use the links below and you'll be able to find plenty of wholesale
sources that will drop ship for you, some of them in your own back yard.

Http:// – Do not over look this color : as your number one 's
lead to wholesalers. Think about it for a second. Just about every
brick and mortar business in the United States is listed in the yellow
pages including wholesalers. Just use the "Search By Word" option and
type in "Wholesale" along with selecting your state from the drop down
box. You can also do a nation wide search.

Http:// – This website lists of lost 's overstock and
pallet lots of surplus and refurbished merchandise at very good prices.
Theres lot products listed here and sometimes you can get 50% -80% of
the wholesale price.

Http:// – This is one 's website where you will be Able
to find tons sources for product to sell. This site it HUGE chance are
if you search for aproduct type or brand name here you'll more than
likely find a supplier.

[Http://] – The suppliers here are from all over the
globe. The majority of the suppliers here are the actual manufacturer
for the products they offer so you can get some really good prices.

This site is very similar to alibaba and the suppliers are located
all over the globe.

Http:// -Legitimate Businesses listed here are On
and many of them are the manufactures of the products.

[Http: //] and fashion overstock, surplus and

Http:// -Computers, Laptops, printers and related Friends

[Http: //] and manufactures located in

Other website worth a look are.


Http:// – You can Suche for products here and it will
tell you the average selling price for of particular type of item
based on what is selling on ebay.


Always get a sample of the product you want to sell before you
actually start selling it to your customers. You need to inspect
the quality of the merchandise and make sure that your wholesale
supplier is actually selling the item or brand name that they say
they are.

This can be easily accomplished if your supplier sells individual

If you supplier only sells in bulk try to get them to send you a
sample. If they will not do this they may not be a company that you want
to deal with especially if they are located overseas.

And never pay for your items by wire transfer, if you supplier ask
you to do this it is just best that you walk away because wire transfers
are not traceable and if your supplier is not trust worthy you will not
be able to get your money back.

Source by James Jackson

Simply contact a supplier and this site gets supported

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