How to Use a Drop Shipping Business For eBay

How to Use a Drop Shipping Business For eBay

Drop shipping suppliers can provide your eBay store or e-commerce website with products to sell online. Drop shipping is an inventory management method where a merchant does not physically keep inventory in stock on the location, but is an order-taker between the customer and wholesaler.

After the merchant is approved by the drop ship supplier, the merchant will advertise and sell the products, will collect the money from the customers. The merchant then pays the drop shipper and tells them where to send the products. The drop shipper delivers the item to the customer with your company name on the box; this is called blind drop shipping.

Although it may seem very attractive to use a drop shipper, you have to understand that this method of doing business online has its disadvantages. The first disadvantage is the shipping and handling fee charged by the drop shipper. Some of the drop shippers will charge you maintenance fees or registration fees.

If you are selling your products through eBay, you already have to pay the eBay fees, PayPal fees and other expenses. Be sure to verify any charges involved when you do business with a drop shipper. Some drop shipping suppliers use pyramid schemes to build their clients database.

They give a referral link to the new member so they can promote it and make some new customers. That is why you see a lot of ads for drop ship websites. If you will sign up under those ads somebody else will benefit from that. This should be avoided, these are not real wholesale suppliers.

eBay is flooded with a lot of identical products from the same drop ship sites. Do a search for duvet. Take a close look at the results. You will see that many results have the same pictures, the same description and the same price. This happens because many of them use the same drop shippers for their business.

If you want to make a profit you will have to stand out from all the sellers that sell exactly what you sell. You need to find good quality products at a good wholesale price. Worldwide Brands is a research company based in Orlando, Florida. I highly recommend this company because I have used their product sourcing tool for my own business with great success. is the only company that is an eBay Certified Solution Provider.

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