How to Win Online Auction by Drop Shipping

How to Win Online Auction by Drop Shipping

An Innovative Method to Add Profits from EBay. Many people are taking up selling on EBay as a means of alternative income. Over the years, Internet has developed into a medium of e-commerce and slowly it is being filled with virtual supermarkets. Today everyone wants a piece of the pie, which is the Internet.

Everyone wants to make quick bucks and get rich overnight. Sounds like right out of a fairy tale. Selling online has become the easiest way to earn money. Websites like eBay, Yahoo Shopping and many others allow individuals to conduct online auctions and buy and sell products online. Majority of sellers on eBay comprise of homemakers, college going teenagers, and even people who work fulltime but sell their products during their spare time. All this effort is for getting rich overnight! The Story Behind Selling On Ebay

Selling on EBay is getting more popular because the costs involved for setting up your store on EBay are almost negligible. The initial setup cost for a basic auction is a nominal as 25 cents and includes description and one picture.

However, eBay charges a percentage of the final bid price. That is very less for the seller and the seller can charge buyer for this by including it in the shipping and handling fee.With increasing access to Internet and millions visiting eBay everyday, this becomes the choicest and cheapest way to sell the goods and make a healthy profit.

Drop Shipping

Sell Products without the Hassles. Since sometime, the term ‘Drop shipping’ has become a popular method for selling goods on eBay. This method allows the seller on eBay to sell goods without the need to have an inventory or the necessity to ship the goods.

Many companies also allow the user to purchase their goods and then have them blind drop ship the product to the winning bidder. The company uses the eBay seller’s name or company details as the return address to make it appear that the item actually came from them and not the true goods supplier.

The true supplier will however, handle the packaging, the shipping, and any return of items. Drop shipping has gained popularity because in this method of selling on EBay and other auctions, you do not have to pay for the product upfront until the auction has closed and the buyer has paid.

Once the buyer makes the payment, the order is sent to the drop shipper and they would complete the procedure including sending the tracking number for the shipment, which is then forwarded to the buyer.

This method ensures that you earn money and risks are minimized for the sellers. As eBay continue to expand and ride high on the internet world, there are more and more ways to get into the the business of eBay selling and becoming successful with it. eBay is surely a great way to test a new product. For budding entrepreneurs, though, eBay is their sole storefront. eBay selling is probably the best thing to happen since men got involved in the intricacies of the wide, wide Web. What’s appealing in eBay is that it lets you get into e-commerce, but takes a short cut and do not go through tedious process of setting up your very own e-commerce site.

Here are tips for you as you wade into the waters that is eBay selling. There are seven tips in here which will help you get started on eBay selling successfully. Chances are that once you master these eBay selling tips, you are on your way to becoming an eBay PowerSeller.

1. A picture is worth 1000 words – For successful eBay selling, make sure any products you list on eBay are accompanied by professional quality photographs.

This plainly means that a photo of the products you are selling on eBay is the key to having bidders and buyers. Sure, you also need to write a thorough and detailed product description but that is not enough.

Photos are tangible evidence that there is a product and you, as its seller can be trusted. It is old-fashioned, really but people do like to see things before they buy them. Usually, they even base their decisions depending on the picture they saw.

2. Do your eBay research – when you are getting into eBay selling, it is important to spend some time researching before you list a particular product.

Research on products that are similar to those items you plan to sell. Follow up the bidding rates staked on them and the starting price set. Researching also informs you what particular items in eBay selling business have high demand. The information you have unearthed through research will help you gauge the interest for your product and help you determine how much your products might be worth.

3. Learn all about shipping

Once you enter into the eBay selling scene, shipping is one of the major issues you need to know about. Shipping issues in the eBay selling business are directly under the control of the eBay seller. There are some methods of shipping which are relatively better than others when you are into eBay selling.

You need to find the best method of shipping for your product in terms of expense and reliability. Once you come up with the best shipping method, specify that in your eBay product listing. Of course, do not forget to include the shipping cost as part of the overall shipping information.

This information is directed for potential buyers.

4. Pay as much attention to the writing of your eBay product listing as you do to your item’s pictures – in eBay selling, you need a powerful eBay product listing.

The trick involved is to write strong eBay listing that combine search engine friendly keywords and phrases.Manage to put concrete and thorough details about the product in a way that will entice people to bid on your product. Be honest, though. Indicate exactly what are the products’ strengths and weaknesses. Be truthful if there are damages on the item already.

This is a way of building trust in eBay selling. Take the time to craft your eBay listing.

5. Offer a full slate of payment options, including credit cards

In eBay selling, the more payment options you offer to prospective bidders, the more bidders your product will attract. Once you get plenty of bidders placing a bid on your products, you will know that your eBay selling venture is successful.

6. Focus on getting positive feedback first

Feedback really matters in the eBay selling business. Having a consistent record of positive feedback will likely bring you more prospective buyers and more bidders who will make it a habit to always look up and bid on your products and be willing to pay higher prices. Better to hold back on placing high-priced products until you have established a successful track record as an eBay seller.

7. Be business-like

When you get into eBay selling, treat your being an eBay seller seriously. Act professionally and endeavor to always provide the kind of superior customer service that will build your reputation. Make sure that you are following all the business rules that apply, such as registering your business and properly charging and remitting taxes. eBay selling is just like any other business, to become a success in it follow all the rules.

Seek to get customer satisfaction in every transaction you do.

This will translate itself into increased eBay sales handsome profits for you.In January 2006, rumors has it that the top affiliate at eBay earned over a 1.5 million dollars.

Now supposing this is not supposition and he, by all likelihood did earned that $1 million? Are not you just dying to know this top affiliates eBay secrets? It will indeed be a big deal if at least 75% of the people all over the world stop their daily routine of cursing in alarm clocks, commuting to work and boring themselves rotten on their underpaid jobs. Having a knowledge of eBay secrets that would generate extra income for at least half this percentage might surely turn the world around.

Do you think you can really make extra income by learning eBay secrets?
Let me tell you, that as of now, over 25,000 people depend on their income from online auctions in eBay, Google, Yahoo and more.

Meanwhile part timers would number at about 250,000. Just think, presently, a quarter of a million people make out their extra income through online auctions.

So, it is fairly a matter of decision really. Raise your hand if you would like to join those who dare to unlock the eBay secrets and start their own the home-based business.
If you have already made your choice, give yourself a helping of several of the eBay secrets to sales success.

Products that are lying around your house or those that interest you are not just for collectibles. Small business owners now have a solution for slow-moving and overstocked merchandise. Several small business owners have already discovered that they can turn up nice profits on auction Web Sites.

Now here is an ultimate eBay secret almost everyone is starting to be aware of recently.

Try listing a few of your unwanted or excess inventory items on eBay.

On eBay, many business owners have discovered that they can get full price, and sometimes fetch a higher price, by auctioning their wares.Once you have registered in eBay as a seller, start learning the eBay secret on how to have a return on your time and investment.

Try these eBay secrets shared by experienced eBay sellers:Write a descriptive title for your product Turn up with more noticeable and interesting descriptions for your product. Instead of “Walk-in Cooler” put in “Excellent Walk-In Cooler”.

“2 Year-Old Compressor, 2-Year Warranty” is also much better than “Used Compressor”.

Having good titles is an eBay secret which will draw bidders’ attention. By having these catchy titles, chances are they will view additional details about your products.

Including lots of pictures to go along with your description It is a popular eBay secret that a picture is worth a thousand words on eBay. By having clear, candid and all-angle photos of your product, you can a vote of trust from potential buyers.

Whether your item is in “excellent” condition or “fair” condition, the extra pictures give buyers confidence in placing bids. You can pay for the “Gallery” option in eBay. This allows you to include a picture with the title of your item. Having a thumbnail photo with your listing is a great eBay secret to be aware of. Most people do not click an item listing that have no picture.

Determine shipping costs before selling Its not only an eBay secret, it is better to be particular about shipping arrangements and expenses before selling your item. Buyers are wary of sellers who do not include their shipping arrangements and costs outright. If you failed to estimate shipping costs beforehand chances are you will be burdened with unexpected expenses.

Pack boxes after the auction. Perhaps you may not have heard of this eBay secret before but buyers sometimes ask unexpected questions about your items.Thus, make sure you have satisfied your customers first so do not touch the packing tape until your auction is over.Use a seven- to 10-day auction and end it on a Sunday Do not you know that people seem to like to buy on Sundays? So this could be a well-shared eBay secret.

Do you think you have enough of eBay secrets for now? Start applying them in your eBay selling venture, then!

If you want to take advantage of the eBay phenomenon and start your own eBay business, then the first bit of eBay selling secret is for you to start selling part time. It can be a great way to make extra cash while learning the tricks and familiarizing yourself with the eBay selling secrets you need to eventually expand your business.

It will take some time to learn the inside eBay selling secrets that the top sellers know. There are no eBay selling secrets that focus on get-rich-quick scheme. For your Ebay business, all you need is internet access and a product to sell. Do not worry if you do not have a product. An eBay selling secret on what item to put up for sale is by starting off selling old or odd items from your home like most people do. Others go to garage sales and picking up great deals, then selling them on Ebay.

Some purchase from companies that offer low prices and discount deals. From among the many eBay Selling Secrets, here are among the top 10 you should know:

1. Research! By doing research, you make sure that there is a need for the item that you are selling. Do this by running a search for your item and see how many items are turn up from the keyword search.

2. List your item in the right category! There are categories for the items to be put up for sale on eBay. The purpose of this is to have an organized tracking system for the products for sale. It is an eBay selling secret to put your item in exactly the right category where it belongs.

3. Keywords and descriptions are critical! It is an important eBay selling secret to use appropriate keywords to describe your product. Be specific in your descriptions. Your descriptions are critical to avoid any future problems or potential returns by buyers.

4. Photos in your auction is needed! The eBay selling secret of using photos of the products during auctions with photos guarantee more sales than those that don’t have photos.By having a photo of the actual item, more buyers may take up interest. This eBay selling secret also helps to build more trust between you and the buyer.

5. Make the Buying process Easy! Sign up for PayPal! Signing up for PayPal is another eBay selling secret that would gain you more buyers for your item. If you want to make your auction easy for the buyer, then PayPal it is.

6. List your items during “Hot Time” buying Periods! It is an eBay selling secret to time your auction so that it ends during peak buying times. By knowing these Hot Time buying periods, your products will likely get great exposure. You will see the glowing sales you will gain after the auctions.

7. Make an “About Me” Page or better yet, create a Website from Free Hosting Sites! Having an “About Me” page in eBay is an eBay selling secret which let potential buyers get to know you. Getting a free webpage from many companies is also a way to promote yourself.

8. Positive Feedback is Important. Having positive feedback is a necessary eBay selling secret. eBay buyers looks at your feedback ratings before looking up your listings. To get positive feedback, make sure to keep a good customer service and customer relations.

9. Decrease Postage and Shipping Costs! Do not underestimate or overestimate your shipping costs. It is an essential eBay selling secret to be prepared and to determine its costs beforehand.

10. Do not put any ad that would scare your potential buyers away! Never put Reserve Prices and Buy-it-Now in your product listing. Instead of getting buyers, you will more likely scare them away. These ads can cause you to lose money on an item. final auction price. It is an eBay selling secret to get buyers who will keep bidding at your products. These unveiled eBay selling secrets and those others you will learn eventually will help you become a successful eBay seller.

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