Is it Allowed to Carry a Camping Stove on a Plane

Is it Allowed to Carry a Camping Stove on a Plane

Bringing a camping stove on a plane is allowed. However, there are some restrictions that are strictly implemented on the following: camping stoves and flammable items.

Campers who love to have their adventures in far away places may encounter some difficulties when it comes to traveling with a camping stove. Here are some restrictions imposed by pertaining to bringing of stoves during travel namely:  

Camping stoves

Empty tank fuel

When traveling, one can carry a camping stove provided that the fuel tank is removed or has been totally emptied. Even a small drop of fuel found inside the tank can result to confiscation of your stove. To be safe, it is advisable to leave your tank behind and buy a new one when you reach your point of destination. However, the regulations governing traveling with camping stove differ from one place to another. Sometimes, even a brand new stove will not be permitted if found to have a trace of fuel.

Cleaned tank fuel

Thorough cleansing of the fuel prior to traveling is a must to eliminate vapors as well as residues. As vapor per se’, which is in its gaseous state is a potential source of fire. It may cause unexpected explosion due to the pressure created during the travel.

Flammable items


Flammable items, which are the following, but not limited to cooking fuel, aerosol, gas torch, and lighter fluid are not allowed on the plane regardless on how they are carried. These are confiscated when found anywhere within your luggage because they can pose potential hazards to the passengers and crews. TSA suggests to ship fuel ahead of time through a freight courier, if you don’t want to end up leaving your stuff at the airport.

Compressed fuel containers

These are not exempted from the regulations since they are still considered as fuel. More so, they can be highly flammable due to pressure build up when unnecessary movements occur. You must be aware that when things are placed under checked luggage, they can be piled up in anyway to make sure that everything fits in the luggage compartment. Sometimes during peak season, luggage are pushed into its limit to accommodate everybody’s stuff. Not considering of the things that might possibly get stuck, compressed or destroyed because of excessive load. Therefore, a canister fuel is definitely prohibited due to fear of rise in pressure.

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