Low Bay Light Fixtures

Low Bay Light Fixtures

Low bay light fixtures are primarily used in commercial environment that require superior color rendering and minimum glare. Low bay light fixtures are typically installed in ceilings measuring 20 feet in height or less. Low bay lights are ideal investments for companies seeking a more ergonomic light source for their employees, and a luminaire that will contribute to a more productive work environment. The diversity of low bay lights requires working with a vendor that will help you find the best fixtures for your client’s business needs and process flow. RLLD Commercial Lighting can help you significantly with this, because we represent multiple US lighting manufactures and will impartially recommend the very best fixture for the project-not a model that anyone requires us to promote.

Our selection is intended to provide a comprehensive scope that will allow you to provide low bay lighting to any client in the private or public sector that has a facility that can benefit from these fixtures. All of our lights are US manufactured. None of them are made offshore or imported from foreign companies. We work with some of the best manufacturers in the domestic arena alone, and we sell nothing that does not come backed up by a written manufacturer’s warranty.

So, your clients can trust the quality of the low bay lights we provide you to sell them, and they can have a say in the fixtures that you ultimate install in their facility. Plus, no one has to suffer from exorbitant delays when they work with RLLD Commercial Lighting. Because our procurement channels are nationwide, we do not suffer part shortages the way many local, single manufacturer distributors do. We can drop ship any low bay light straight from the factory to your client’s facility in as little as two weeks if a rush order is necessary.

We have a professional staff that can assist you with your choices and answer any question you may have about installation technique, illumination design, and fixture placement. One of the most significant services we offer is to provide you with a photometric analysis of your client’s facility. This schematic will detail everything from foot candle requirements to optimal locations from which to hang low bay lighting fixtures, along with the optimal distance between each fixture.

When installed correctly, low bay lights will spread illumination out evenly over a given space to enhance luminosity. Typically HID or high intensity discharge bulbs are used in low bay lighting. We offer a number of HID lighting fixtures that come with optical refractors. These refractors cover the lamp fixture and reduce the amount of glare produced. HID products in this category have the can improve vertical illumination as well as horizontal illumination because of the large amount of light produced. These fixtures can also be spaced two to four times their mounting height. They can also be mounted at higher levels, up to 25′ when higher vertical illumination is necessary.

Fluorescent bulbs have gained enormous, recent popularity as low bay light sources because of their high level of uniformity and energy efficiency in contrast to HID products. Assembly lines often prefer them because they render color with great detail and provide a very ergonomic source of lighting for workers performing monotonous, tedious tasks.

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