Make Money Selling on Ebay by Shipping With Federal Express

Make Money Selling on Ebay by Shipping With Federal Express

If your goal is to make money selling on eBay, you may be concerned about shipping methods you can choose to get your packages to your customers in the time they require it to be delivered.  Some customers may require over night delivery, and if they are willing to pay for this service, it will be handy to have this option available to them as well.  Federal Express or FedEx is probably one of the most well known names in over night shipping.   But most people do not know that FedEx also has a ground service at a lower rate than over night.  In this article I present make money selling on eBay by shipping with Federal Express.

When shipping on eBay, by choosing FedEx as one of your shipping couriers, not only do you get the highest quality and speediest delivery, FedEx also offers tools to help calculate shipping costs and allows you more freedom to sell your items, instead of worrying about shipping.  These tools can be integrated directly into your eBay seller’s page making it simple for your customers to choose which shipping option they require.

Shipping with FedEx allows you to pay for your shipping directly from your computer.  You do not need to take your package to a FedEx retailer to figure out how much it will cost to ship your package.  You can do it all from your home with a scale to weigh your package before listing it on eBay.  Then you set up your costs accordingly which is one of the secrets if you want to make money selling on eBay.

There are a few things you will need to know before setting up your shipping costs for each item.  You should know the shipping package dimensions, package weight, and location or zip code you are shipping from.  You can calculate how much it will cost to ship anywhere in the world from there.  By using FedEx, you can just input this information into their web site and they will tell you exactly how much it will cost, leaving no room for error on your part.

With FedEx, you can ship to any place in the world your customers are located and you can ship these over night if you or your customer so choose.  You can ship any item no matter how small or large with FedEx.  This means no matter what you are selling, you can rely on FedEx to ship these items in a timely manner.

Also, there are many FedEx retailers every where in the world.  After you get your package ready to go and have affixed your shipping label, you only need to drop it off at any FedEx retailer.  FedEx even has drop off points that you can drive through without having to get out of your car.  This makes it very easy to ship with FedEx when selling on eBay.

Do not let the daunting prospect of shipping items sold on eBay stress you out.  EBay partnered with Federal Express to take the worry and fear out of shipping items to any where in the world.  Your customers will be satisfied, and satisfied customers are repeat customers – and that’s how you make money selling on eBay.

To Your eBay Success!

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