Presort & Post-presort Software: the Differences and How They Work Together

Presort & Post-presort Software: the Differences and How They Work Together

Mailers who use presort software alone often do not realize the benefits and the tremendous advantage that can be achieved by utilizing a Post-Presort software.

Presort software focuses on address verification, address quality, mail sortation and the initial plan of entry.

Post-Presort software specializes in complete data management and flexibility, including the ability to make last minute real-time changes to your mailing data.  It allows you to create USPS® Mailing documentation that matches the actual mailing, instead of trying to match your mailing to the paperwork! 

Post presort software let’s you update that plan to the realities of the production environment and get savings not foreseen when the mail was originally presorted. Post Presort software allows you to build your mailing documentation to what you actually mailed vs. forcing yourself to build your mailing to the documentation that was originally produced with the presort. Building your documentation to what you actually mailed allows you to create more accurate documentation and eliminates paying more postage then you need to pay.

Presort software focuses on Address management

  • Address verification
  • Address management (Move updates, Address Correction Service, etc.)
  • Address standardization
  • Application of USPS regulations in order to claim discounted postage
  • Address de-dupe (remove duplicates)
  • Sortation level qualification of mail
  • Presort mailing data output to Mail.dat format

Post-Presort software focuses on managing the actual Mailing
These are some of the benefits that cannot be achieved with Presort software alone:

  • Utilize presort Mail.dat® data output and editing it to actual changes
  • Process partial mailings
  • Update/edit piece weight and ad percentage to reflect the actual mailing
  • Account for spoiled pieces
  • Mailing statement creation/retention flexibility
  • Mailing-specific paperwork (matching each day’s mailing)
  • Transportation and Drop Ship discount optimization
    (without changing production values or “breaking” the original presort)
  • Simplified mail verification and acceptance by the USPS
  • Exchange electronic postage statements and mailing documents with the USPS, customers and in-house departments
  • Participate in USPS services: Manifest Mailing, PostalOne!®, FAST, Confirm
  • Gold mine of retained mailing data for reporting, both internal and external
  • Back up of data and statements when getting audited
  • Sophisticated Postage Accounting options
  • “Bridge” to communicate with current/future internal systems
    (Business Management system interfaces, ODBC connect)

All of these items listed above can be achieved by using post-presort software in conjunction with your presort software.  Presort only focuses on the address quality, and it is becoming more critical to use Post-Presort software to manage your actual mailings.

Post-Presort software helps you move beyond just sortation and creates a more efficient operation that will enable you to reduce costs by improving accuracy.  This will also enhance your relationship with the USPS by providing accurate reports.

Post-presort will definitely improve postal data accuracy by enabling you to tailor your documentation to reflect what was actually mailed and generate accurate reports. The initial presort is a plan, not necessarily the exact final result.  Detailed mailing data is now becoming more important in order to produce recording and reporting for mailers and customers.  Mailers need to know how and when mail was delivered, how much was paid for it and have a system that documents it exactly.

Utilizing post-presort software makes your operation more simple and cost-effective.  Mailers can streamline their operations to save time, lower expenses, and increase profit.  By taking full advantage of their existing presort software and working with post-presort software they can fully automate their mailing operations.

Source by Jeffery Peoples

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