Retail Store, On-line Store or No Store at all – You Can Make Money on Amazon

Retail Store, On-line Store or No Store at all – You Can Make Money on Amazon

Did you know that 1/3 of all Amazon sales are from people selling product on Amazon?  That customer demand on this site continues to be strong:  North American sales grew 25% year over year?  That over 62 million unique visitors came to this site last month and represented 37% of the internet population?  That an average customer spends 2 hours shopping this site and that all montly customers generate a total of 2.9 billion page views?

 All facts and all true!  Perfect environment to make money selling jewelry, CD’s, musical instruments, knock down furniture, Health and Beauty supplies, clothing, stuffed animals – whatever!  And the cost to start a business is low vs. opening a retail store or even trying to start a website on-line…its Amazon every time!

A few websites have done all the research for you and have saved you hours of research time like trying to find Amazon-sponsored  Quick-Start Videos, how about an Amazon hosted  website featuring products you sell or products you can sell on this site?  Amazon also does a lot to help you be successful on their amazing site.

 You can drop ship your items to your customers or ship them to an Amazon warehouse and they will drop ship for you for a small fee.  Some product categories like jewelry, clothing,  automotive parts require pre-approval to sell, but approval is fast and easy!

So discover an E-Bay alternative today…….Discover Amazon!

Learn and prosper!

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