Secrets Of Drop Ship Automation Revealed

Secrets Of Drop Ship Automation Revealed

In the past, Business world was shocked by Japanese concept of JIT (Just in Time Inventory); this concept revolutionized the world of business and played a vital role in the reduction of inventory cost of raw material.

Now the world has changed and business on internet has its own terms and concepts. The concept of drop ship has enabled the young entrepreneurs to sell products from a kitchen sink to a car, Infect every thing. As we all know working of drop ship is very simple, you sell the products of your suppliers to your customer either on auction sites like eBay or on your on store and products are shipped by the suppliers.

Still drop ship is not so easy because you have to enter the details of each customer on your supplier's site when he or she makes purchases. Another biggest problem is finding the true drop shipper because of high volumes of internet scams and fake drop ship directories.

Now let me assume that you have just started your business and found a true drop shipper, your sales are improving day by day on your eBay store or on your own website and you do not feel any difficulty to enter the detail of each customer manually . But after one year or so this is not going to work any more because of high volume of sales better search engine positioning and high positive feedbacks on eBay, you will not have any time to enter the personal details of each customer on your drop shipper's website .

So you will need an automated drop ship system, I mean when some one will buy any product from you, his or her shipping information will be sent automatically to your drop shipper. There are a lot of drop ship services available on the internet but very few are trust worthy and very few provide secure and safe automation. If you sell on eBay then your drop ship listing software has to be approved by eBay so that you can do safe selling.

If you want to sell on your own website then you have to have SSL certificates for safe selling and it would be better if your drop shipper provides all necessary tools to list their items in your website.

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