The Beauty of Drop Shipping Products through the Internet

The Beauty of Drop Shipping Products through the Internet

Having the ability to sell another company's products on the Internet without having to worry about the accounting, inventory, and shipping of the products is a great way to grow an online retail business with minimal resources. This idea that I am referring to is the process of drop shipping.

When you are setup to drop ship another company's products the process is simple – you receive the order from your buyer, relay the order information back to the manufacturer or distributor and they will handle the rest. Once they receive the information from you, they will then process the order and ship it out to your customer for you. All you have to do is get the sale, collect the money and pay the drop shipper your agreed amount for the product.

Now, there are a few ways in which you can to start drop shipping another company's products. For the purpose of this article, I'm going to talk about the two most common ways to get you started selling immediately.

The first way is to contact a manufacturer or distributor directly and ask to setup a drop shipping account. Most manufacturers and distributors have special pricing for people who wish to drop ship their products. For example, if you contact a distributor of "rocking chairs", you may find a price for one of their products to be around $ 250 for retail but for people who wish to drop ship, the price may be $ 200. This means you could sell their rocking chair at $ 250 and only $ pay 200 directly to the distributor, hence earning you $ 50 off the sale of every chair.

The second way is to search the Internet for the lowest price of a certain product on a website and then markup the price at which you'll sell the product from there. You say's the Let Suche for a specific type of the HP computer and the find the lowest price to be on for $ 1250. Now let's assume their competitors were listing the same HP computer at $ 1500. This means that you could list the product for let's say $ 1400, undercut your competition and still profit $ 150 off the sale of each HP computer. So now when you sell the product, you simply go to and complete the online transaction using your billing information and your buyer's shipping information. Wal-Mart will then ship the product directly to your buyer – it's that simple!

The best way to market the products is to utilize eBay or create your very own website around these products. I recommend starting with eBay to test the waters on a certain product. Some products you will find to work really well, earning you a nice profit for each sale; yet on the other hand, you will find it harder to sell others. It's a process that will require some testing and analysis on your part.

After you find which items work best, you can develop a website around those products and make the process fully automated. Horizons hudson can Develop a custom e-commerce website That can automate the entire process for you, EVEN the process of contacting and paying the : manufacturer or distributor Whose products you are On selling. If you are a manufacturer or distributor and looking for others to sell your products, through the process of drop shipping, then I also recommend contacting Hudson Horizons. They are experienced at selling and marketing products on the Internet and will even develop a website around the products for free if they find them to sell well.

Drop shipping is a great way to start an online retail business without having to worry about the accounting, inventory and shipping of the products. Even if you have a fulltime job, the process of drop shipping is something that can be done part time on the side. Like I said, since the entire order and shipping process is handled by the drop shipper, all you really need to focus on is getting the sale!

Drop shipping works and could be a great side business for anyone.

Give it a shot!

Source by Daryl H. Bryant

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