The Best Dropshipping Basic Plan – Selling on Ebay Made Easy!

The Best Dropshipping Basic Plan – Selling on Ebay Made Easy!

Gain immediate access to all our wholesale products and dropshipping services. The services included with the basic plan are also included in all our other plans

The Basic dropship plan includes all of our basic services and access to all our products. You can upgrade your Basic plan at anytime and you will pay the difference between the basic plan and the plan to which you are upgrading.

Basic Plan Features

Instant access to over 500,000 wholesale products
Access to new products added monthly
Products dropshipped directly to your buyers
Pay ONLY after you sold a product and collected the money from your buyer
Live order tracking
No minimum orders
Order fulfillment and customer support
No monthly fees

How does the basic plan work?

Once you purchase the basic plan you will gain access to our private website for members only where you will gain immediate access to all our products and pay wholesale prices.

From this website you will be able to place orders for any products of your choice and have them shipped directly to your buyers.

You can sell the products anywhere you want and there is no minimum order requirements.

The basic plan does not include any tools such as the auction wizard, the CSV files or a website, therefore you will be responsible for reselling the products using your own tools. For example, if you already have an ebay store then you could add the products of your choice to your ebay store and fulfill your orders on the private website for members only.

Once you sell a product, you simply login to the members website with your special username and password and place an order for the item you sold using your buyer’s shipping address.

We will then ship the product directly to your buyer on your behalf.


  1. You only pay for the merchandise once you have sold it and collected the money from your customer
  2. We ship the items you sold directly to your customer on your behalf
  3. The shipment will NOT include our company name anywhere
  4. The shipment will NOT We include the price you paid for the merchandise
  5. Your customers will stay YOUR customers and will never know we even exist
  6. Your buyers will never know how much you paid for the products you sold
  7. You will receive tracking information for each order so both you and your buyers can monitor the shipment of your orders
  8. We will handle all returns, RMAs, or any other issues related to your orders

Dropshipping will allow you to sell many different products with no up front investment. This means that you are not required to pre-purchase any products before selling them! There is no expensive inventory or warehouse to maintain and you won’t have to take the time to package and mail the merchandise.

You simply do the selling and we do all the rest for you!

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