The Problem With A Wholesale Dropship Business

The Problem With A Wholesale Dropship Business

In today's world there are lots of ways to make money online and one of the most popular ways is to start a wholesale dropship business. In fact there are people who have even been very successful without their own website but just using eBay to sell wholesale dropship products.

However, one thing that is commonly misunderstood by many people about running a wholesale dropship business is pricing as it refers to the world wholesale. Many people think that just because they are working with a wholesale supplier they will be able to find products they can sell much less than anyone on the planet.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Just think about it.

Do you really think you will be able to get products cheaper than Wal-Mart, Amazon or who purchase 1000s of items from wholesales suppliers?

Not exactly, but that does not mean you can not be successful with your own wholesale dropship business []. The key is to not focus too heavily on what everyone else is selling for and trying to add value to your product.

There are going to be other business selling the exact same products as you online for a cheaper price, but that does not mean you can not have a successful business selling the same item.

Here are a few tips on counteracting a lower price than yours.

1. Write your description of your product in a more persuasive manner to increase impulse purchases. For instance, if you are selling on eBay write good persuasive description and be very descriptive.

2. Try offering a free bonus with your product. It does not have to cost you anything. For instance, if you are selling plumbing equipment, you could sell you products with a report labeled "Insider Plumbing Secrets, 7 Tips Every Home Owner Should Know About Plumbing.

3. Provide high quality photos of your products in use. Ever herd the quote "A picture is worth a 1000 words"?

4. Provide products comparisons. This not only gives your site more content but also helps your buyer make an education decision all in one location. Prevent your buyer from visiting other websites and you will see your sales in your wholesale dropship business skyrocket.

5. Set up your order process to recommend other products after the person has entered in their credit card information, but just before you close the sale.

For instance, if you are selling cell phones, right before you close the sale recommend some cell phone accessories to your customer. Make sure it is seamless and the customer only has to click one button to add them to the order. Do this and you will see your wholesale dropship business excel.

Overall there are some common misunderstandings about owning a wholesale dropship business, but with the right strategies and focus anyone can succeed.

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