Wholesale Drop Shipping – An Easy and Inexpensive Way to Get Into Business For Yourself

Wholesale Drop Shipping – An Easy and Inexpensive Way to Get Into Business For Yourself

Wholesale drop shipping is a way that you may be able to work from home and earn money. There are many companies out there that are willing to have you work for them, and them for you. It’s more of a teamwork thing than them being your boss.

The way wholesale drop shipping works is that you sell a product and charge your customer the retail price. You then submit your order to the drop shipping company and they take care of order fulfillment. Your profit is the difference between the wholesale price that the company charges and the retail price that you charge your customers.

So you pick your product, something that you are very interested in and feel others will love too. Once people see the product on your website or in catalogs if you have them, they will order these things. The company that is the drop shipper will then ship that product from their warehouse. Products can be sold in person or through catalogs, they can be sold on your own blog or website, or they can be sold using online auction sites.

You will never touch a product, unless you purchase it or get samples to show around to people. It’s a great way that you will never worry about heading out to the post office and shipping a package. All that work is done for you by this other company.

In fact they will also keep track of your sales and subtract out the amount that you owe them. Your percentage of profit will be sent to you in whatever way you’ve set up the process. Many of these companies are out there just waiting for people to want to invest.

To find the right company though you need to look around, compare the profits that are offered, and the products you sell. Of course the best choice is the company that will offer you higher profits. Because when you think about it you will be doing very little work, just get the traffic to the site.

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