Wholesale Drop Shipping Club

Wholesale Drop Shipping Club

A lot of my members have been asking for some good advice on an eBay wholesale drop shipping club and for good reason. Get this right guys and you are on Easy Street. However, always remember something that I learned a long time ago … it's called 'Iron Pyrites' in the chemical world – but in ours it's better knows as FOOLS GOLD.

Be careful if you Google the term 'wholesale drop shipping club' and find yourself in what appears to be Wonderland. If an offer appears to be too good to be true then it probably is. However, in saying that remember that I have warned in my videos inside the MEMBER'S AREA to stay away from fake goods and brand named items which are copyright protected. More often than not it is exactly this type of product that you can seemingly make 1000% profit from (I wish) …

The Truth is that if you were running a conventional business then your mark ups would be much closer to 50% -60% – so even finding a good drop shipper on eBay that can result in a 200% profit margin and you are doing well.

Take a look at the recommended drop shipper in this article. They have been around a while and you will be able to source some of the more attractive products which I know a lot of you have been waiting for quite some time now. All of my members have seen lately how eBay is a powerhouse when it comes to profit margins and with the advent of my FREE advertising system (revealed inside the Member's Area) you will be able to use your drop shipper to make even greater profits.

Drop shipping is good and is certainly to be recommended a soon as you have done a few Clickbank sales or eBay Dominator sales. Using the Turbo Lister software you can even AVOID PAYING CERTAIN FEES to eBay (more about this tool soon.)

For now though I would recommend that you hop across to one of the flashing banners and take a closer look at just what is in store when you are part of a trusted wholesale drop shipping club.

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