Wholesale Drop Shipping – Have You Found a Stable and Trusted Supplier For Your Drop Shipping Biz?

Wholesale Drop Shipping – Have You Found a Stable and Trusted Supplier For Your Drop Shipping Biz?

How to choose a supplier

They can make your business grow, but they are also able to break your reputation online. Who are they? They are your suppliers / wholesalers. And they DO really play a VIP role in your business. This is the reason why choosing your supplier and building a very good business relationship with them is very crucial.

The information highway is flooded with many websites that are offering and claiming to be the best in offering products to the wholesale drop shippers. That is why IT IS very critical when you choose who will be your supplier. Because not all of them can give you what you need at the right price and can deliver the items promptly.

Your self-instinct will be put to test in choosing the right supplier for you business. There are suppliers who will promise you too much and / or gives you a very very low price for an item. Your instinct will tell you that the deal is just too good to be true. So be sure to trust in it, ie, your instinct. DO NOT be too attracted to suppliers who are offering you a product at a low cost. Well, you can always check what they offer but be vigilant with it. In that way, you will not fall into a fly-by-night wholesaler / supplier.

The quality of a good supplier

A good supplier should have a very good service. If the supplier that you have chosen has a good service then it would only mean "customer satisfaction". And if your customers are satisfied then they will keep coming back and orders more from you. You will earn more in those repeat orders. Also, a good supplier should have a competitive price against other suppliers. Their prices should not be too high or too low. It should be a balance price. A price that majority of your target market could afford. The price should be proportional to the quality. Meaning, the higher the price of a product the better its quality.

You should as well check the record of the supplier. If available, read feedbacks of other drop shippers who have done business with the supplier. A little investigation about the supplier will not take much of your time.

Your Responsibilities

You MUST do some research also about the current market price of the products you wish to sell, eg, clothings, electronic gadgets, bags, etc … If you know the price range of those products you want to sell then you will also know the minimum and maximum price-offer of your supplier. In this way, you will know that the price your supplier is offering is either way too high or way too low.

After you have investigated and verified that your supplier can be trusted and they are also stable, then go ahead and do business with them. Just always remember to be vigilant and be investigative.

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