Wholesale Drop Shipping – Too Good to Be True? Then it Probably is When it Comes to Drop Shipping

Wholesale Drop Shipping – Too Good to Be True? Then it Probably is When it Comes to Drop Shipping

To face many fraudulent online suppliers is very common for authorized handbag suppliers. But, one way to avoid these people is to make complete research on the people with whom you want to do business. Though very time consuming, it is worth it. All you have to do to look up for legitimate bag suppliers is, type in the Google search bar "wholesale designer bags" and you will find thousands of wholesalers.

Keep this age old technique in mind, that if it is too good to be true then it usually is. Do not be fooled by purchasing the so-called wholesale lists. Some of them are true but the rest are not. Beware of these lists because they are being sold on websites such as eBay. One can save $ 7.99 by avoiding these handbags. If you give it a thought, who would in their right mind trade an authentic handbag for seven dollars?

The reason is that much struggle has not been done to make a designer bags list. They probably visited Google, typed "wholesale bags" and picked out the first twenty results and put it on the list. You can save your hard-earned money by not believe in these wholesale lists.

Except drop shippers, wholesalers who sell legitimate handbags without requiring minimum quantity purchase do not exist. For personal use, if someone buys a Gucci bag at a wholesale price then there would be no point of buying such an expensive bag as people sell products to have profit. Having profits with such a setup is definitely a scam. Therefore concluding that such type of a list does not exist is safer.

In short always go for well known directories like SaleHoo that offer lifetime updates and warranties and a 100% money-back guarantee. This way, you will have no risk in your transaction. If your supplier has a toll-free number, it is better so that you can talk to him directly.

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