Wholesale Drop Shipping – Top 9 Selling Tips on eBay

Wholesale Drop Shipping – Top 9 Selling Tips on eBay

Oftentimes sellers think that the way to earning big is by using complicated strategies or by adopting tools that promises so much. Truth being said, the most effective strategies are the ones that are logical, sensible and most importantly, simple. So here are some simple selling guidelines that may help sellers make the most out of eBay.

1. Useful information – The tools or icons that you see on your eBay homepage are not just designs. They were created because they serve a purpose. They have a use. If you are eyeing for an item to resell find out what it’s worth. It is very useful information because sellers will get an idea on the item’s pricing (average selling and starting) and volume (recently sold items). There is also information that buyers are typically drawn to when they browse through the completed listings – such as features and other key words that will help your item be saleable.

2. Drop shipping – get no hassles with your shipping needs. Use a Drop shipping service to lessen your worries about shipping the goods to your customers. The good thing in using drop shipping is that it frees you up a lot of your time. How? A big amount of your time is sometimes spent in going to a store to buy the goods followed with keeping inventory of the goods that you bought. Add up the time you work on when you look for a reliable and reputable shipper that will deliver the goods to your customer safe and on time. This and all will be done by your drop shipper that is why it gives you more opportunity to do something else.

3. Using Salehoo – A lot of eBay Power sellers have been using Salehoo to help them find a real good deal especially when it comes to finding high quality products at wholesale competitive prices and real drop shippers. Salehoo also carries customer-oriented values that have been practiced in the customer service support that they have been giving. Sellers only paid a one-time membership and they get a free access to all the good things that Salehoo offers : cheap but competitive wholesale/retail distributors/manufacturers/suppliers/drop shippers, updated database, a search list with features such as country-specific, product-specific, brand-specific and more.

4. Set a Low Bidding Price – You may have reservations on this one but it is a good way to jumpstart the bidding floor. If you set a high bidding price, buyers may lose interest and you will end up with few bids or with no bid at all. Other buyers then may think that you have an overpriced item.

5. Use keywords to have an eye-catching title – Put yourself in the place of a buyer and think of keywords that you will type in when you want to look for an item. Putting these keywords will lure your buyer’s attention to your product. This is critical as this is the first step that buyers do when they buy online.

6. Details! Details! Details! – Make sure that you have a concise and yet thorough description of your item. Keep it simple and short so that buyers will easily understand that they are in the right page and that it is the perfect product that they have been looking for.

7. What is a description without an image? Give your buyers a clearer picture of what the product looks like. You may at least upload 2-3 clear photos from different angles that will showcase the details and unique features that you have been describing in your site.

8. Keep an open line of communication – If buyers are interested, usually they would have 1-2 questions about the product. Be sure that you immediately respond to their questions and be clear with your answers. Do not keep them waiting. Give them feedback and it is pretty sure that they will do the same for you which will even strengthen your selling point.

9. Let the people know you more – You don’t have to tell them your entertaining childhood stories. That is not of their interest. Share some of your hobbies and interests in connection with the products that you are selling, collecting or buying. Giving them an insight to your passions will build more trust with your buyers.

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