Wholesale Dropshipper Directory – Salehoo, Doba, and Inventory Source Wholesale Dropshipper Examples

Wholesale Dropshipper Directory – Salehoo, Doba, and Inventory Source Wholesale Dropshipper Examples

One of the concerns of an online business owner is the quality standards of products, hand in hand with this is that the wholesale drop shippers you deal with is professional both in customer service and with shipping services. Your business is bound to their company because you are putting your trust in them that they are shipping quality goods as you do not inspect it yourself.

Drop ship suppliers have to be chosen by you very carefully because in the world of wholesale products with the bulk of orders it is very easy to let a low quality product slip past and you have to be confident that your drop ship suppliers are meticulous and will not let that happen. You therefore have to investigate them fully by feedback from other people they have done business with, their packages, services, costing and also their expertise in the wholesale products niche you want to break into. The following are wholesale directory sites that you can go to for not only a list of drop ship suppliers that you might be able to do business with but also other useful information to help you navigate the online retail business.


SaleHoo is a worldwide commodity resourcing community established in 2005 whose function is not only to provide you with a frequently updated list of 8,000 suppliers and more than 1.5 million products for eBay and drop ship products but all the potential wholesale products dealers, drop ship suppliers, and retail dealers are through their community forums, given positive and negative feedback by other businesses or individuals they have already done business with. This data can help you pick out which wholesale dealer would be best to use for your retail or wholesale business online.

And unlike some directories Salehoo conscientiously does take the time to verify if the company or persons who are asking to be included in the list does engage in their declared business before they are listed. They also supply article how to guides for beginners both online which is found in their website and in the content of books they send members upon signing up. It is of course still up to you to find the best supplier for the kind of product you want depending on the character of you shop, your clientele and your budget. It is also helpful to try the services of potential suppliers on small purchases anonymously maybe through a friend.


Doba has listed more than 1,200,000 drop ship products for you to consider selling on your site. Doba has made accessible the tools needed to allow beginners and small retailers to join their community of more than 200 suppliers. They also have an online catalog of each and every one of the products the dealers’ are offering so that you can look at them and decide if you would like to drop ship and sell the items on your site. After deciding just place your item orders via Doba, and the provider will drop ship the items straight to your clients. Doba also has training resources at its site that contain lessons on what you need to know regarding managing an e-commerce website and selling on eBay.

Inventory Source:

This directory listing is proactive in trying to provide modern solutions for online dropship suppliers and retailers. Inventory Source is able to give not only gives you access to more than half a million dropship products for reselling but also provides an assortment of applications and knowledge so that you can begin to deal with several wholesale dropshipers, man various websites, sell numerous products, collaborate with online auctions and is a 100% automated solution. This automation according to their website frees you from the mundane tasks and gives you time to do more important things. I am a bit hesitant though as some of these mundane tasks give you information on how to better tailor your business, without it one might lose touch of the business.

In the end one must methodically research which directory listing is best for you and meets your needs. Go to forum and blog sites to get a better feel for what you will need from such companies and also to gain knowledge from others who have also experienced what you are experiencing.

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