Wholesale Dropshipping – How to Be an eBay Powerseller Through Wholesale Dropshipping

Wholesale Dropshipping – How to Be an eBay Powerseller Through Wholesale Dropshipping

Earning extra profit has never been easier since wholesale dropshipping has been birthed online. Now that any customer or anyone who has the entrepreneurial genes can go directly to a manufacturer or a wholesaler instead of having a retailer as a middleman, I can do business and compete with other big companies in the market anytime. Take your know-how in wholesale dropshipping to eBay, where you can earn big, through online auctions. Imagine hundreds of people from all over the planet waiting for you to open online so that in turn, they can start their own businesses at home.

Doing business has evolved big time and it made business newbies be at par with the giants in the market. So if a mom who stays home thinks of starting her own business and gets her hands on wholesale dropshipping, she gets to sell products just as affordable as the market giants would sell them for. This is possible because the drop ship company shoulders shipping expense so you can put all of your profit directly to your pocket. Business without overhead expense, how great can that be?

Do you know that with wholesale dropshipping, you will be able to buy a digital camera 48% cheaper than if you would buy it at a retail price? This can automatically allow you to have at least 48% profit just with selling a camera bought at wholesale. There's even no additional worry of arranging for shipping. Gone are the days of ancient traders hopping island to island to sell off their wares, with one click at eBay, you can easily maintain a high-profit-earning business, all while sitting in the comfort of your homes.

But the downside of it is, all imaginable people with access to the internet are setting up dropship companies, thus making competition tight. eBay is thronged by lots of dropshippers who want to earn with most ease. However, this downside has been working positively as dropshippers become highly creative in making themselves be noticeably on top of the others.

Let me clue you in on three techniques you can apply. First off, all businesses are maintained by a need. Start by creating a unique identity for yourself thus, creating and meeting a unique need for your customers. You will be able to accomplish this if you come up with uniquely creative products such as hand-woven tapestry over a typical tapestry. Or even as simple as knowing the origin of your product and highlighting it will automatically create a "feel" for the vintage enthusiasts.

Remember that if a hundred people are already selling shirts, most likely, one customer will already have more than enough options to choose from. Whereas, if your business allows you to move in a fairly new industry (which you have creatively thought about), then you are in for the best ride of your wholesale dropshipping life at ebay.

Another thing that can set yourself apart is maximizing freebies. If the market has two identically excellent products for a consumer, but the other one comes with a freebie while the other one has none, we all know which one the customer will choose to buy. Say, wholesale luggage bags which come with a "travel pack checklist."

Another thing that can make or break your wholesale dropshipping is copywriting skills. Even if you have the best product online but was posted with a poorly done copy, a few people would be interested to bid. Not because the product is not marketable but because they do not know what they need to buy it for. It will greatly help if you include the advantages of having the item, you can even create a sentimental value to the item.

Last stop to being a successful wholesale dropshipper is to personally ensure providing an excellent and positive buying experience for the customers. This will not end when you announce the auction winners, get feedback from them and add it up to similar items on sale. This way, you get to earn a happy and regular customer.

Keep these techniques in mind and you will never go wrong with wholesale dropshipping. Challenge these techniques and you will have nowhere else to go but becoming the next powerseller on eBay.

Source by Shakira N. Smith

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