Wholesale, Dropshipping, What Does it All Mean? Can I Make Money Or What?

Wholesale, Dropshipping, What Does it All Mean? Can I Make Money Or What?

The answer to that very question is definitively yes! There is plenty of Money to make with these two services in conjunction with eBay. What is wholesale, and how do I get me some? Wholesale companies are able to sell you products at significantly cheaper prices then you could find in most retail circumstances. How is this possible? Simply, the answer is quantity. In order for the Wholesalers to make any money they need to move a lot of merchandise quickly.

They do not have time or resources to be putting all their merchandise on eBay and sell each item individually. People Like you and I then come to the wholesalers and buy lots from them. A lot is a quantity of a product. Most wholesalers require you to buy a significant amount of a product, so it is essential that you do a lot of research on your products before you buy them. If you do not do the leg work and you just buy a lot of something you could potentially find yourself stuck with whole bunch of product and no way to move it. I did this with USB cords.

I thought I'd bundle them with some software and that they'd sell right off the shelf. WRONG! If I had done my research I would've known better. Dropshippers are a fast and easy way for YOU to make some money. The biggest advantage of using dropshippers is that you do not need to carry any inventory. The dropshippers take care of holding the inventory and shipping, so your only job is to sell the product.

You can make money with dropshipping and wholesaling. Find the right product, set the price just right, and there is money to be made!

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